tomato sauce and deathMature

the nameless anti hero is thrust into a world of corruption, heartburn, murder, and general chicanery where life is cheaper than riccota cheese. not the good stuff, but the stuff that comes from vermont. one thing i can assure you all of is that behind the mountain of corpses he helped corpsify, will be some answers. maybe. ha ha ha ha ha

on my way to the store to get myself some canneloni and tomato basil sauce. its raining , wind and newspaper mingling in the air to create a sort of surreal scene in front of the italian store.then i hear it. that old familliar sound thats almost like a melody to me. click, a safety going off. being set from safe to rock and roll. i barely have enough time to pull my own heat before the lead starts flying.
i manage to save the canelloni by tossing it aside but the tomato basil sauce is put to good use. it acheives its objective by shattering on my unknown assaillants face. as i walked up to him to relive his skull of his brains i noticed it was hard to tell where the tomato basil sauce ended. and the blood began.
oh well. so it goes.

walking home. caneloni in hand and a new jar of tomato basil sauce. just want to get back to my apartment. my cat needs food. maybe i should just shoot it. maybe not. all of a sudden i hear in the rain filled distance the sound of a car accelerating.
angry nasty frightning sound that could only mean one thing to guy like me.
im gonna need some more canneloni.
this time i have my heat pulled by the time these guys come screeching through the mist and rain.
i calmly sight my target and send my bullet screeching on a trip to oblivion with a short stop in the left eye of the driver.
his brains shower his buddy in the back and its like i've disabled two of them wit one shot. mans not so keen on fighting with his buddies brains on his shirt.
lo and behold he proves doubly useful by accidentaly firing a rocket while the business end is still in the car. to bad for those poor bastards in the car. instant gravy.
but bully for me. i wasn't to keen on the idea of going back to the store.

as i made my way up the stairs to my apartment i seen my door ajar, with the body of some blonde chick in it.

to be continued.........
The End

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