The Employing - Part 2

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I had locked my room door from Gabrielle.

However, the man opened the door as if the lock wasn't there. As he entered my room, I looked at the bolt of the door. It wasn't broken.

Who was this man? How could he take out my nanny and unlock a door in 2 seconds?

Then the man spoke.

"Good day Mr. Rider. I am your father's boss."

"What did you do to my Nanny?" I wanted to know how to do it next time she annoys me.

"Paralysed. She will be back up on her feet in 5 hours time."

5 hours. The best hours of my life, I thought.

"Who are you?", I asked.

"My name is classified, but you can call me Boss X, my codename."

"Codename?" I snorted, "What are you, a spy?"

"Yes, your father was one too."

"Prove it!"

He then took out some car keys, and pressed a button on them, and there was an explosion outside. I rushed to the window. When the smoke cleared, I noticed a large hole in the garage door, right in front of the car.

"Need anymore proof?", Boss X asked.

"No, sir.", I said feebly.

The End

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