The Employing - Part 1

Let me tell you when I was employed to SIOC.

Back then I didn't know my father's job.

I was cold inside, despite the warm sun. I lay on my bed, thinking about last week, the day my parents where murdered. The room in which they had been killed was roped of for police investigation, I didn't mind, I swore to myself I would never enter that room again.

I heard a car pull in to the driveway. I got up from my bed, and looked out of the window.  An expensive sports car was in the driveway. I saw a man step out of it. he was very short and fat, and was wearing a fancy suit with many pockets, his face was round, not joyful, but serious. He walked up to the door, and rang the doorbell. The door opened and my horrid nanny answered.

She was tall and thin, with a thin pointed face, and a permanent scowl.

"Get out of here, fatso!"

"I'm not welcome?"

"Of course you're not! GET OUT!"

"I'm here on important business."

"I'll sue!"

"I see. Well, I'm very sorry that I have to do this."

"Do wha..."

There was a thump, and Gabbriell had gone out of sight. The man walked into the house, and went straight to my room.

Continued in part 2.

The End

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