The SIOC is an orginization of hand-picked people, chosen for there talents. What's mine? Creativity, a good sense of when to run, logic, and the fact that my dad was a famous spy. Having famous relatives really helps.

What do I do in the SIOC? Stop terrorists, infiltrate rival countries, and spy on people.

Why? I'll have a good resume when I'm older, it pays well, and I can get away from my horrid nanny, Gabrielle.

Bedtime at 6:00! Tiny desserts! She tries to help with my homework, incorrectly!

Yes, I have school. At the SIOC. There are a lot of kids picked by the SIOC, so they had to teach them somewhere where they couldn't blab about SIOC. At their school, everybody knows SIOC!

Oh, no, the nanny's coming up, got to go!

The End

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