this is a story about a boy who had to be sent to a boarding school because he was always unruly in school


This is the story of a boy sent to Ramsden Hall because he was always unruly at school and at times skipped lessons and disappeared from his class whenever his name was called out on the register.

Once he swore at a prefect.

The prefect said:

"Wait till I report you to Mr.Bogod, the headmaster, he'll soon rough you up."

The unruly boy answered back at the prefect Derek Duckhead and in response marched the bad boy down to the head's office.

"The headmaster said:

"did you swear at the prefect.

"No I Didn't.

"Don't tell me a pack of lies said Mr.Bogod".

In reponse the boy got caned six times, that was in 1963.

"Right, said the head I'm sending you to boarding school, where they'll rough you up. Maybe this will teach you a lesson to show some respect.

"You won't get away with it this time, my boy said the head."

The head got onto the education board, saying that Tom Green was to be transferred to boarding school for unruly behaviour.

The letter arrived at the boy's home.

It said.

Dear Mr and Mrs G your son Tom is to be transferred to Ramsden hall for perpetual bad behaviour."

Tom Green didn't wnt to go to boarding school, but he had to otherwise he would get into serious trouble and end up in an approved school or a schoolstal, a borstal and school combined.

On July 26th 1963 the boy left Templar's School and had a six week holiday.

Come Monday ,September 11th, 1963 it was time for Tom Green to start his new school, but had to be on the lookout for danger, for at this school lurked a vicious bully called Skippy Bloggs.

He and his gang were the terror of the school and often footballed boys down corridors and chucked them in rubbish bins.

Tom Green was unaware of this because he hadn't yet commenced.

That was to be this afternoon, Monday September 9th 1963.

He got up that morning at 8.20 am, but had to be out of the house by 1.00pm because he had to be at boarding school by 3.00pm.

The journey to Billericay where Tom would be picked up by minicab started at Ilford station.

The train pulled out of the station and off they went, Tom Green and his parents' passing through Seven Kings, Goodmayes, Chadwell Heath, Romford, Gidea park, Harold Hill, Brentwood, Hutton and,

'Finally Billericay Station.

As soon as they got off the train there was a minicab waiting for them outside.

They boarded the cab and off they went, down Billericay Road, Horace Road, turning left into  Norsey Road, then Ramsden Road (now Heath Road).

Before long they came to a slip road. Down they went along this road and up to the school gates.

The gates opened and along they went down the Driveway, the road leading to the school.

At last Tom Green arrived at his new school ready to begin a three year term of residential school life.

They got out of the car and in an instant the new boy walked through the front door and into the entrance hall.

In the hall there were blackboards showing a list of the dormitories the boys would be sleeping in.

It was 2.55pm, and in five minutes the coach would be turning up the drive bringing the boys back to school to start the new term after a six week holiday break.

Immediately, the new boy was taken into the headmaster's office  where the boy himself had to be signed in to start a three year term of residential schooling, that is sleeping inside the school dormitory during term time, but would be allowed to come home on weekend leave once he had been here for six weeks because he had to be settled in.

The boy's parents had to sign a form stating that Tom Green was to reside here until he reached the age of 16.

Whilst the signing in was taking place the new boy started to yell, bawl and cry.

"If you don't stop your nonsense my boy I'll send you to bed said Mr. Fearnley, the headmaster."

The forms had been completed and Tom Green was ready to be settled into the school.

His parents said goodbye to him and left through the front door.

Tom saw them off and made his way into the dining room.

After tea the new boy went out to play but was set upon by  Skippy Bloggs and his gang. He nad Billy Bosh, together with Pete Mug grabbed hold of the new boy and threw him across the car park where he landed headfirst into a hedgerow.

Two other boys Floatwyck Milk and John Wyrtlim saw what happend and said 'you better be careful, those bullies are monsters who often use boys as footballs and sometimes put them into cannons where they then fire them until they shoot across the playground and sometimes ending up on top of a tree."

However, worst was to come for Skippy Bloggs  was planning to overthrow the headmaster and that that's what he and he gang did for that afternoon they burst into the head's office and brought about his downfall.

"Oh dear, Skippy Bloggs has overthrown our headmaster Mr Fearnley, said John Wyrtlim. Now that skippy Bloggs has seized control and set up a dictatorship, and taken over as headmaster we won't be safe, we'll be bullied everyday"

The boys were right,  they were bullied everyday.

With Skippy Bloggs as the headmaster the boys were denied leisure and made to do hard labour every day with a load of lions watching  over them all the time.    If they refused then the lions would eat them.

With skippy Bloggs in charge Ramsden Hall was a real hellhouse and slavery was the order of the day.

Boys and girls were made to clean their teeth with knives and if they refused then Skippy Bloggs would order his gang to set fire to their hair.

In the end the boys ordered the sun to get rid of Skippy Bloggs and his gang. 

They flew up to the sky and nabbed the sun.

The sun invaded Ramsden Hall and Killed Skippy Bloggs and his Yobboloid mob.

During skippy Bloggs' reign Mr Fearnley, the real headmaster hid under the floor boards. There the head found a safe haven.

After the overthrow of the Skippy Bloggs regime the sun brought Mr Fearnley out of his hiding place and restored him as headmaster.

Once the school was back in order the head was taken on a tour of the dormitories and was shocked to find razor blades inside every boy and girl's bed and broken glass deliberately strewn across the floor - all installed by the now dead Skippy Bloggs regime. This is because they wanted every boy and girl to suffer and be attacked by these sharp objects whilst they were in bed and when they got out of bed.

Many a times boy after boy and girl after girl ended up with cuts when they were forced to sleep inside beds loaded with razor blades, and often had cut feet when they got out of bed all beause the floor was boobytrapped with broken glass.

During Skippy Bloggs reign there were a number of casualties.

One boy grew nails on his head when he was forced to eat broken glass. Another boy lost his mouth when he ate the wrong food, and two girls had to have their heads removed because their brains fell out of their heads.

There were more casualties. One boy becane a man - eater when Skippy Bloggs chucked a tree at him and ended up eating five off his mates.

Another boy turned into a 20 - headed monster when a lion ate his feet.

Even the sun wasn't safe even though it was in the sky were Skippy Bloggs was planning to give it an operation so that it would shine the way it wanted to shine, but was stopped in his tracks by a rebel force, the same group of boys who latter on flew up to the sky and nabbed the sun in order to destroy the monstrous Skippy Bloggs clan, the gang who ruled the school with terror.

with Mr Fearnley now back in office as headmaster all was now safe.

The End

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