Tokyo nights

It's all about glitter and fame when the hottest band in Japan's history, Tokyo Night, have their concert in one of the country's biggest concert arenas...

Tokyo Night is a hot band in Japan and are quickly gaining fans all over the world like the U.S.A and Europe. The lead singer Hideki is depressed because of the loss of his brother, Aki, in a terrible car accident 3 years ago, while Hideki, also in the crash, received serious injury. Finally, after 3 years, he has his come back to the sta

"Encore! Encore!" It sounded from the warm, sweaty concert room; the fans screamed excited 
as the singer finished the last lines of the song. 

The atmosphere was bittersweet. Bittersweet, you may ask?

Sweet for the awesome concert and bitter for the horrible smell of sweat. 

Even though it was one of Japans largest concert arenas, it seemed to be too small for the huge crowd of fans that jumped up and down to the beat of their songs. 

"Encore, encore, encore!" the fans shouted in excitement, and waved their arms longingly up to the stage, trying frantically to catch some of the singers sparkling charisma. 

It was hard to get the huge audience to be quiet enough to speak! 

As the audience finally kept still long enough, the band leader spoke with his soft and unique voice. It was so soft you could hardly notice the small weak trembling in his voice that the nervousness caused. He licked his lips to try to make them moist again. He wanted water so badly; it hadn't touched his lips in what seemed like forever. He swallowed once more before he continued. 

"….Thank you for coming, everyone!" In no time, the fans screamed "Encore! Encore!" again. 
They seemed very happy, and yet, made him nervous. 

He scratched his beautiful chin and looked at his twin brother on guitars. 

His twin saw that he looked at him and rolled his eyes exasperated and nodded at him. The singer turned around to the fans waiting awe. Their eyes were big and full of hope for another song.

"-Okay, okay… One last song…" He grinned weekly looking tiredly down to the fans, smiling so he wouldn't worry them. But his twin looked as if he had changed his mind in a flash and ran to him, whispering something in his ear. 

The singer eyed him, and bit his lip, as his face changed colour, but he didn't want to break the promise he just made to the audience. He shook his head in protest. "..Only ONE Song, Mamoru...ONE" He whispered desperately and his twin, named 'Mamoru', gave in and went back to his place. 

"Sorry about that! You know Mamoru, don't cha?" He giggled childish and some of the girls began to bleed from their noses, almost passing out! 

"Yes, Hideki!" They screamed to the singer, Hideki. 

He was one of four people that graduated from the university at the shocking age of 13, together with his twin brother, Mamoru. Now he was 18 and had just made his comeback after 3 years. 

"Okay, who wants to sing the last song with me?" He asked, winking. The band Tokyo Nights was Japans hottest band right now and their popularity never seemed to die. They were at the top of the music business and were quickly gaining fans all over the world with their hit, "Needing You" on the Americas biggest music chart, "Big Bord" list for over 1 year straight, making a new record. 

They were almost blown away by the loud screaming. Hideki was without a doubt, the most popular of them all. The screaming of the fan girls seemed endless.

"Hideki, Pick me!"
"Please, Hideki!" 
The screaming was overwhelming, and Hideki could feel his pulse running, and he wiped off the sweat that poured down his face. He mumbled something as his face got froze in surprise. He went to the edge of the stage and bent down, the fan girls went crazy, trying to touching him, but Hideki didn't care.

"May I?" Hideki asked a girl with light brown hair and brown eyes. The girl blushed madly, her eyes sparkled. 

"O-o-of co-course..." The girl stuttered. The other fans seemed to be disappointed and at a loss. 
Hideki helped the girl up on the stage. She was trembling and shaking so much her lilac top and the black skirt seemed too cold to wear even in the summer heat! 

She put her hand in his for what she knew would be the first and last time while he pulled her up on stage. She knew she had to control herself, because tears started streaming down her face, ruining her makeup.

Hideki gasped in surprise. Shocked, she didn't know what to do. Her biggest moment in her lifetime and she was ruining it! 

She tried to stop, but it was impossible. Suddenly without any warning he hugged her tightly, and the girl's eyes widened in surprise.

"Don't you ever let go..." he whispered. 

Mamoru was confused and met the drummer, 'Nachi Yamamura's', eyes. 

Was this in the schedule? He didn't know, and neither did Nachi, or "Nachos" as he was called by the European and the American fans. 

He turned his head backstage to where their manager , Mimmi Honda, was. 

She glanced him and smiled her sexy and neat smile that only she could smile. She was originally American, but came to Japan in the age of 3. She was now 28 and changed her last name to "Honda". Tonight, she wore a casual grey business suit and black high heeled shoes. 

"What is it, sugar top?" she asked. 

"Is that in the schedule?" Mamoru asked and pointed at Hideki and the girl who he was hugging on the stage. Mimmi gasped and stared back at Mamoru, at a loss for words. 

Please Hideki pull this off nicely! Mimmi thought, as Nachi dragged the bassist, Takao Suzuki, with him backstage. Hideki tightened his grip on the fan. 

"What in this world is going on?" he shouted as his green striped hair hung down over the bass. Takao was originally from Great Britain so his English was as fluent as his Japanese; he had come to Japan because of his parent's diplomacy when he was seven and he had an adopted sister from Mongolia named Jasmine, but they called her Jaz or sometimes Jazzy. 

Mimmi put her finger on her lips and smiled wickedly while Mamoru said "SHIIIIIIIIII!" 
Sweating and nervous, they couldn't do anything about Hideki now, as the audience was already holding their breath and watching Hideki and the fan girl on stage. Suddenly, he opened his eyes wide and mumbled something beneath his breath. Hideki let her go but grabbed her hand instead. 

Hideki, the vocalist of Angel's favourite band, just agreed on playing one more song that made her both worried and warm inside. Worried because this was his first concert in 3 years and he looked pale, almost purple from exhaustion, and deeply touched by the fact that this was the tenth encore. 
It made her smile, yet her heart burn that he would do all this for his fans. She felt a little bad and self conscious at the same time. After all she was Mamorus' girlfriend right now. 

She had to forget things from the past! Throw it away. In her mind she loved Mamoru...didn't she? She had to question that. But her heart was in love with Hideki...She cursed herself when she got jealous of the fan girls whenever Hideki picked a random girl and not herself to sing the last song with him.

She would have never gotten the chance ever again. She had to accept it and deal with it.

Then he suddenly snuggled with her! No, he only had hugged her tight. 

Angel was furious, her best friend who was there saw and came up to her. 

"Jealous?" She grinned. 

She, Sayuki Kyoyama, had lived next door since kindergarten where she had meet Hideki for the first time. His brother, Mamoru, was her boyfriend too. 

"Of Corse not!" she whispered angrily before she continued on. "Mamoru is so much more mature, calm, and hotter than Hideki! He's just a wannabe visualkei artist who is childish and −and stupid!" 
Sayuki just grabbed mouth to shut her up. She pointed at the stage. Hideki seemed to finally let go off her go.

"So I'm proud to let you guys hear a brand new song! It's called "You Don't Dare to Let Go, Honey"! So please get comfortable, and get ready to the best song of ours ever! " 

Nachi got chills down his spine and looked desperately at Mimmi. She pushed him and the other band members out, mouthing a "good luck" and grinning.

"But we haven't rehearsed that song!" He mouthed back.

"Don't worry. Have a little faith in him!" Mimmi winked with her long black eyelashes. 

Nachi saw his chance while Hideki was setting up the microphone. "Please give us a minute Ladies, we will make it up to you!" He winked, sexy and charming. 

The Nachi fans screamed especially when they saw his t-skirt.

Angel cursed Nachi for wearing such a perverted t-skirt. It was black to suite the others and had a red sign that pointed down to his pants, with the text "Do you want a ride?"

She cursed the perverted minded fan girls too. 

Nachi pushed Hideki, Mamoru, and Takao backstage. He shouted just enough for them to hear, but not loud enough for the fans to."Are you nuts? That's a bad, bad song YOU made when you were half asleep! We can't perform that!" 
Mamoru gave Nachi a scary look before he put his hand on his shoulder. "How DARE you call my twin's songs bad….?" Nachi shivered. "… Just kidding." Mamoru said and grinned. 

He then turned from Nachi, who looked as if he was traumatized the rest of his life, and looked to Hideki. "The song is bad Hideki... sorry to say but…" He looked at Takao for support. Takao's blue eyes met Hideki's brown ones; they only stared for a minute or so before Takao smiled and opened his mouth.

"Sorry mate." Was the only thing he said, and he said it in his beautiful Great British accent. "But I said we would perform that one! I can't go back on my word! Besides you said you liked it before Tak-kun!" Takao opened his mouth but closed it again, cheeks turning red.

"Of Corse, you can go back on your word! Words are just words! Didn't you say so too? Besides you ARE tired, I would be able to see that clearly, even if you weren't my twin."

"But I am not!" Hideki shouted so loudly, startling his fans. 

"Oops! S-sorry" He whispered. Mamoru just sighed. 

"Boys! Hurry up!" Mimmi hissed. The fan girl just stood on the empty stage looking confused. Hideki bit his lip and said quickly, "We don't have time to argue! Let's take "Needing you" then!"

"Humph. Finally…are you with him guys?" Mamoru said smiling. 

"Heck yes!" The boys said and they ran out on stage.

Hideki wrapped his thin fingers around the microphone and began to sing

"I was standing still in time. 
Oh baby, Oh baby"

Damn! Nachi cursed Hideki for doing this. This was not "Needing You" . This was one of Hideki's crappy songs! Damn! He had, to the end of the chorus to remember the melody.

They had only played with it when they were kids!

"Oh babe I can't move on without you.
The cord singers tried their best to sing it too, Mimicking Hideki.
Your sweet lips turn me to ice!"

Damn! DAMN! Mamoru thought as they drifted on to the chorus. Could he remember the melody??

Mamoru began playing the guitar softly to Hideki's song. Testing it out, before he felt completely comfortable to it.

Chorus: Love me babe, love me!
I know it's a taboo
I know it's forbidden, but love me!
Takao and Nachi eyed each other, Takao swallowed
Before he and Nachi was in the game.
Looovvveee meeee
I desire youuuuu
Both Nachi and Takao was playing now.

You used to always me here
For meeee
Here in my bleeding heart
But now you're gone
I can't breathe on my own
Cause you are the air babe you are air in my

Chorus: Love me babe, love me!
I know it's a taboo
I know it's forbidden, but love me!
Looovvveee meeee
I desire youuuuu

I miss you everyday
I remember…
As I say goodbye to you
You are always 
In my heart!

Chorus: Love me babe, love me!
I know it's a taboo
I know it's forbidden, but love me!
Looovvveee meeee
I desire youuuuu
You(you) let my heart(my heart) burn! (burn!)
In fiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr
Honey... Don't you dare! (Dare!)
To let gooooooo

The fan girl didn't know the song, but still danced happily to it and when she sang with Hideki, she seemed to enjoy herself.

"Thank you, everybody!" Hideki shouted, and turned towards the fan girl. "Especially to you!" He held the fan girl's hands smiling; the girl on the other hand looked like she would die right on that spot.

"What's your name…?" He asked her.

"W-Wilemina…" She whispered.

"Ah, Willy-chan, right?"The girl nodded her head.

"Ahh... What a pretty name!" Hideki smiled and…

The audience gasped. 

Akito!!! Curse you! Damn it, you can't just go on like that! Stupid! Angel thought, and went a little crazy.
"Angel! Control yourself!" Sayuki said while she tried to keep Angel from going in and slapping Hideki. 

Hideki smiled to a blushing tomato red Wilemina, after he had kissed her on the…


At first she seemed completely lost, not knowing what to say or do, but then she burst into laughter. Hideki did too. The whole audience laughed. 

Or almost.

Angel didn't laugh.

"That was a nice concert! Good job, as always!" Amy, the toastmaster said.

"Tch, tch it was all because of Hideki… we hadn't rehearsed it yet. It was like, the first real time we preformed it!" Nachi said with a laugh.

"But, it was good! Awesome! "

"Well… I don't think we can call that our best…but thanks!" Nachi winked to her and she blushed, even though she was 31 years old. 

After the show everyone backstage was smiling brightly. 

Just not Hideki.

Angel was walking home as Sayuki followed her like a dog.

It had been cute at first right after the concert, but now it was getting on her nerves.

"Sayuki?" She asked and looked behind her. 

"Huh?" Sayuki asked back all cutesy-like. 

"Why… are you following me…?"

"We live in same apartment, remember" She said and grinned.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a limousine sped up and managed to splash water onto Angel's dress. It had been raining the past few days. Angel loved the rain; she knew that Hideki did too. 

"What are you thinking?! You-?" She stopped when she saw that it was Hideki in the car. He was not smiling or laughing like he used to on stage. His eyes were black, emotionless, cold and just reflected the city. She could sense pain in it, both emotionally and physically. Hideki! Angel gripped the pendant around her neck that he gave her to her on her 5th birthday. 
[[There isn't anything about her going with him on the way home]]
They were silent all the way home. They barely said goodbye and went into their own apartments. When Angel had got home, she said that she wasn't hungry, before heading to her room and shutting the door. Grabbing a photo of her and Hideki, she held the pendant tightly. 

We used to be best friends!


That night Angel cried herself to sleep.

At another place in same town… in a hotel…

A boy in Visual Kei coat, t-skirt with a mesh-shirt under, black pants, eyes that were painted completely black, and black fingernails, did exactly the same thing. Just the boy didn't have a photograph in his hand. He just stroked his pendant gently as he whispered into the dark night

The End

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