Ken, 25 years old, comes to NY for the first time from Japan. He has grown-up in the the country side of Tokyo and a bit unfamilir to the big city life style. But one day Ken meets Japanese man who has lived there for 20 years.
His name is Kuro. Ken and Kuro gradually get along with each other...

 Where do I start my story about the winter in NY.

Ken sits back on his chair and faces his computer. His fingers on keyboard dont move smoothly. His mind drifted away to several scene he had ever experienced in this Sin city.

He is not good at writing English because he was born in Japan and this language is not his mother tounge. 

But it is OK. No probrem. If you want to say something you can make sense in a way even through simpliest expressions.

Ken`s clouded mind is getting to focus on one spesific scene.

The scene is the first time ken met Kuro. At the cafe in SOHO.

The End

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