This is based on a Roleplay character that I made a while back. Unlike two previous stories that I started, this one is going to be set purely in Japan with characters that have Japanese names. I have this character pretty much fleshed out, so enjoy his story ^^

Before I get started with this, a few things I want to make clear. As this is set in Japan rather than in England, the way the characters communicate will be quite different. Where it will be the same as my "Forsaken Mind" story where they use second names, this time I'll be using the suffixs "-chan", "-kun", "-san" and so on. The same goes for using "sensei", "(o)nii-chan", "(o)nee-chan", "aniki", "aneki" and so on and so forth. 

I will also be doing this story as if I was Haruto talking to the reader, but I'll be talking in both present and future tense, as in to start with the story will be in the past, where Haruto is explaining how he became what he is. For the most part it will be past Haruto talking, but at the times when 18 year old Haruto is talking, I'll write it in italics like here, to avoid confusion on who is talking.

Anyway, that's enough from me, thanks to whoever actually took the time to read this little, er, monologue I guess you could call it. Let's get started with the story. I hope you all enjoy my new work called "Tokoshima Haruto and the Crimson-Haired Devil". 

My name is Tokoshima Haruto, I'm 18 years old and live in a little Japanese town that is situated in Kyoto. I guess I should also mention that I'm no-longer human. I am what is known as a yokai*. Or, in other words, a devil. It is a rather long story as to how I became a devil, and it may take some time to fully explain.

I guess before we go into that, I guess I can explain as well as I can, what I look like, what good is having a protagonist which you have no idea what they look like? Ihehehe, well, I guess, I'm rather tall, I have mostly pitch black hair, with my fringe dyed a crimson blood-red, and a scar across my right eye. I'm not able to see out of my right eye anymore, for reasons I'll explain all in due time. It really is a thrilling, yet dark tale.

It all began four years ago when I was 14 years old, living with my mother, father and little sister in Kyoto, Japan. It is here that, unknown to me at the time, a danger was rapidly approaching at a steady pace.

And so, we begin this dark, thrilling adventure...

*Yokai means "devil" "demon" or anything similar to supernatural monsters in Japanese.

The End

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