It's the Final Countdown...Mature

A fake page that followed "Alone Again... Naturally" in 'That One Killer App', meant as an April Fool's joke. Ummm... Yeah... Failed catastrophicly. Still was fun to make! :D


The IT specialist walked into the room, readjusting his glasses and carrying a laptop under his arm. Dustin nearly shat himself in fear.

"...Alright..." The specialist said as he sat down, placing his computer on the table in front of him. He set it up, sighing as he tapped on the keyboard. His nametag read 'Gregory Aprils'.

"... Tsk, tsk, Mr. Decker... How could you have been so foolish?"

Dustin was sweating bullets. "I- I didn't do anything!"

The tech-support guy turned the screen around to show Dustin.

- IP address: 345.7777 

- Access code: 4/1

--- Files searched -> Case 900 -> Evidence

--- Files searched -> Case 900 -> Case Report

"... That is the IP address of your desktop, no?"

Dustin felt like screaming and making a run for it. But he was in a fucking police station... Where would he go? Dustin sighed and gave up.

"... Yes..." He said quietly, his hands shaking.

The IT specialist seemed proud of himself. "That's what I wanted to hear... Boys?" He called.

Two officers stepped into the room. One stepped behind Dustin's chair, the other stood in front of him. The one behind Dustin pulled something off his belt, and grabbed Dustin's arms. Dustin yelped a bit as the placed the cuffs on him.

It's all over. He thought.


Dustin stepped into the cell he was directed into. The orange prison garb itched. But not as much as the itching feeling in his mind. No one would ever believe him...

"... So, hunny, whacha sign?" His jailmate of an abigious gender asked him, leaning in.

Oh god, Dustin thought. 

The End

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