Atuatuca Tungrorum

"Charles! You can't be serious about taking our son there!" Henrietta yelled at him. Charles sighed.

"Yes, dearest. I am. I need a travel companion, and you know how much little Charlie wants to travel with me." he told her soothingly.

"Yes, I know, but still. That placeis haunted. Haunted. And did mention cursed? I don't want Charlie around any of that."

Charles patted his wife's back. "It's ok, dear. I'll protect him."

Henrietta looked up into his eyes and saw the gentleness that she fell in love with. And the strength. She sighed. "All right."


Charlie bounced up and down in his carrige seat, his eleven-year-old eyes shining. "Are we there yet, dad?" he asked.

Charles nodded. "Very soon, son. Very soon indeed."

As he spoke, ha saw a twinkle of light. After weeks of travel, they'd finally made it. Atuatuca Tungrorum.

The End

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