77 and a half Toilet Seats

"Why must it be there!?!" Charles exclaimed, speaking to himself. He was pacing around his chamber, almost lost in thought.

Charles had 77 and a half (long story, lets just say it was a dark day for Charles and everyone near him) toilet seats. This one toilet seat was needed to get that much closer to having 100 in his collection. King Charles was, after all, an avid collecter of toilet seats, and he was not about to let this unholy quest stop him from being just that.

When Charles was 3 years old, he was being potty trained by his parents. James, Charles father, took him into the bathroom and sat him down on the toilet. The seat had been so nice, and it had certainly helped him use the restroom, and he just fell in love with it. Yes, "it" being the toilet seat, not the toilet. 

As soon as Charles had hit 7 years old, he started collecting toilet seats wherever he found one. He tried terribly hard not to get doubles, but sometimes he would find a seat repeated while reviewing his collection. So, he would just throw the extra one out.

Collecting these toilet seats was a major part of King Charles life, besides ruling his country, of course. Which was why he had to have this one more toilet seat, but the area it was in wasn't a good one.

Atuatuca Tungrorum is a city in Belgium. However, the particular place that the toilet seat resides, is believed to be haunted. Yet, it didnt matter. Charles had to have that toilet seat.

"Chauncy!!! Ready the carrige and retreave my son. We're going to Belgium."

The End

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