Toilet Seats

King Charles was an avid collector of toilet seats. And very, very tascm. This is journey.

This is a collab with me and volleyballchicka. Please don't post. Thank you! =)

King Charles sat in his throne room, wanting this meeting to be over. But it was dragging on.

Charles's courtier, James, Stepped up to him.

"Sire." he bowed.

Charles nodded. "Yes?" he replied, a bored tone in his voice, though he looked very regal.

"The peddler is here."

Charles once again nodded, getting excited inside, while on the outside he was calm, cool, and collected. Somewhat.

"Send him in."

James nodded and left through the overly-huge double door.

Charles turned to his advisors. "I'm sorry gentlemen, but may we potpone this meeting to a later date?"

Charles's lead advisor, Henry, stood up blinking. He looked confused. "Of course, Your Majesty." He bowed and left the room, followed by the many other advisors that Charles had.

He asked himself again why he had so many, but now he could finally relax. He settled back into his throne and waited for the doors to open once again.


Charles saw a crack of light and jumped up from his throne. As the door fully opened, he greeted his greatest freind, the peddler named Chauncy.

"My King!" Chauncy pronounced happily. "I have the item you requested! And the information."

Charles nodded. "Thank you, good sir."

Chauncy smiled as he pulled out the toilet seat. Charles gasped. It was beautiful. It was apple wood, with little gold carvings of flowers throughout it. He reached out a shsking hand, and felt the wood. Perfectly polished, as usual.

Charles cleared his throat. "Chauncy, what would I do without you?"

Chauncy laughed. "Quite alot, actually. You just wouldn't have as many toilet seats as you do now"

Charles froze and nodded slowly, handing Chauncy a pouch full od gold coins.

Chauncy gave a quick nod. "It's in Atuatuca Tungrorum."

Charles went pale.

The End

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