I Surrender...

Kevin popped the cap off another bottle and took a swig. Andy watched, drinking from his fourth can of the night.

“Right D,” Kevin slurred as he turned in his seat next to Andy to face his depressed friend. “Tonight I’m gonna convert you. You’re going to forget about her and move on. She’s not coming back-

“She’s coming back Kev!” Andy choked.

Kevin looked at him and Andy could read his thought then and there; ‘Oh really?’ it read just dripping with sweet sarcasm.

“She’s coming back…” he said again this time with uncertainty.

“No she’s not Andy.” Kevin gave it as the fact IT WAS; Nina wasn’t going to come back. This was tearing Andy apart and Kevin hated it; he hated seeing his friend broken and beaten. He needed to forget and move on, besides Kelly was here tonight with the dress she was wearing he doubted if she’d be going home with just kisses. His face contorted at the thought. Mental note; change all the bed sheets before going to sleep.

“Just face it dude.” He said taking another swig.

~I won’t let her go… ~ Andy thought. But was it really possible, was it true; Nina wasn’t going to come back.

He put his now empty can on the coffee table next to the dozens of others. He sat back and thought and soon he became oblivious to what was happening around him. He didn’t hear the blasting bass beat of music, he couldn’t smell the smoke of both tobacco and other drugs or the sweat from the people who danced around him in the living room. He couldn’t see the glazed eyes of students and other anonymous faces or the multiple strangers making out and more.

He sat there for what felt like hours thinking, running scenes over in his head. What would Nina be doing at this very minute. To be honest with himself he really didn’t know but he wondered; maybe she was better off without him, maybe he shouldn’t have said the things he said, maybe he should move on like Kevin said; there was no use waiting for something that was never going to come.

He opened another can and drank it. During that fifth can he decided. He decided he’d give up, give up on everything. The lie that Nina really loved him, the hope that she might come back home, the fact that he loved her-

NO! He didn’t love her, he couldn’t; not anymore.

He finished the fifth can and threw it down.

Long bronzed legs and a small taunting waist stalked passed him. Andy had made up his mind. He reached out and pulled the blonde onto his lap.

“HEY! What the fu- Deally?! What you doing? I thought you weren’t interested.” She smirked, her lips baby pink.

“I’m not,” Andy breathed in her ear. “I just thought I’d have some fun.”

He nipped her ear. She turned her head and brought her lips to his. He kissed her hard and she kissed him back. Wow this girl was good.

He found his hands slide up her smooth tanned legs and threaten to cross the border of her dress hem.

~NINA! ~ His mind began screaming. ~NINA! ~

Andy stabbed the thoughts; she was gone, dead. He slipped his hand under her dress as her moved to his belt.

She pulled away, “Really Andy? The couch?” She panted, teasing him.

He pressed his lips to her neck, it smelled of lavender. “Where would you suggest.” He fit between kisses.

She tilted her eyes up to the ceiling; “I might have one.” she smiled lopsided.

She grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him to his feet. He followed her as she walked up the stairs and down the hall.

He caught her when she stopped, pulling her against him. He crushed his lips to hers again and she put her arms around his neck He put his hands on her thighs and lifted her off the ground. Instinctively her legs wrapped around his waist. Using one hand to support her, Andy opened and closed the door to Kevin’s room. By then Kelly had started unzipping his hoodie.

He carried her over and put her on Kevin’s bed. She pulled off his t-shirt as she let go of him.

She lay back and admired him for a moment. She knew there was something about Andrew Deally that she knew was a secret. Well know she guessed she had found out; he had the body of a God. His skin was pale but it made his toned stomach and strong arms look even more perfect, as though he was made of marble.  If he had thought kissing her was good just wait till she got her hands on that.

But she didn’t have to wait long as he kissed her roughly again. He moved over her; one hand supporting him and the other casually pushing up the hem of her short dress.

She ran her fingers lightly over his strong stomach and played with the buckle of his belt; would she play for a bit or just do what everyone knew she’d been wanting to do. Yes everyone, it was no secret that Kelly Marks had the hots for Andy Deally and that he was in no hurry to return the favour. ~Well screw them cause look who I’m screwing now. ~ Kelly laughed in her head. This was her night.

The End

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