I Want You...

Days and nights passed and slowly Nina began to sink into her old routine of not giving anyone a glance and sank back into her old skin that had disappeared when she had seen Andy on Christmas. As he had made clear a month ago Jason didn’t give up on trying to be Nina’s friend. Which Nina soon discovered would be a bad idea due to the fact that Jason was one of the only really ‘good-looking’ guys at the school that was single; according to what she over heard in the bathroom from all the ‘popular’ girls.  

Mrs. Charles finished up the lesson and finally let them out of class for lunch. “Thanks be to Ozzy.” Nina muttered as she quickly gathered up her books and nearly ran out of the room; she was not getting grabbed by Jay.

She took her regular seat in the corner of the canteen with her regular lunch of an apple and a bottle of water; she found that lately she didn’t feel like eating, much like before Christmas. She smiled as she remembered that beautiful night she spent with Andy when he literally saved her from having to put up with her deranged father.

She snapped out of her blissful thought when she heard someone sit on the bench beside her.

She glanced through her fringe hoping it was Megan or Meg’s best friend Fred. But no, it was the person she had been trying to avoid.

“Jay, what are you doing here?” she whispered even though the canteen was nearly full and the air was filled with loud laughter, gossip and random chatter.

“You’ve never called me ‘Jay’ before; I kinda like it, makes it sounds like we’re really friends.” He smiled. “What am I doing here, hmmm…well it does look like I’m sitting beside my friend.” He kept smiling and it seemed to annoy her a little. Not a lot, just a little.

“I told you I didn’t want any friends.” She hissed at his smirk.

“And I told you I wasn’t giving up.” He laughed and poked her nose. She slapped his hand away and gave him glare that spelt ‘don’t touch me.’

She dropped her glare when she realized he really wasn’t going to move and leave her alone. A silence sat between the two of them and it made Nina think; right now, next to him, the knowledge that someone is at her side and wants to be there made her feel slightly happy and a lot calmer about everything. Right now, with him next to her she didn’t care if cheerleaders or the football team attacked her in the halls, she didn’t care if a teacher singles her out because of the way she wears her uniform and she didn’t care if her dad found out about Christmas because right now she didn’t feel alone.

After a few minutes of being lost in thought Nina lightly took his hand under the table and squeezed it gently. “Thank you.” She whispered and smiled at the table. She felt happy now, invincible but she couldn’t help admitting to herself that she could feel a constant glare from the rest of the female student body. It terrified her.


“Andy, you do the homework for Franker’s class?”

“What?” Andy looked up at Kevin from his locker. Kevin gave him an annoyed look.

“Don’t tell me. You were thinking about ‘her’ again weren’t you? Dude I told you to forget her; she’s just another girl and there are plenty of fish in the sea.”

Andy closed his locker and walked down the corridor with Kevin continuing to lecture him; again.

“Like, I don’t get D, she’s just one girl. One out of like 400 that are still at this school and I know for definite the over 100 are still fawning over you. Take Kelly Marks for example, I heard she tried to convince people you two were sleeping together-

“I don’t want to hear Kev. Please.” He gave Kevin a pleading look; he didn’t care or wish to her about ‘crazy’ Kelly.


“Speak of the devil.” Andy muttered before turning to face Kelly.

“Hey you.” She winked at him.

“You’re on your ownMan.” Kevin whispered before making his quick getaway. He was so going to get it after class.

“What do you want Kelly?” Andy said annoyed and yes rather pissed off. He hated this girl.

She pouted her lip gloss lips. “Is that how you say hello to your Girlfriend?”

“You’re not my girlfriend. I told you I wasn’t interested.”

“You know you want me; you just don’t want to admit it.” She narrowed hr eyes at him.

Andy laughed at her attempt, “Yes, Kelly I want you,” he smirked with sarcasm. “I want you dead.”

He turned and left her there in the hall fuming. He laughed weakly at what had just happened but the old Andy soon came back and set in leaving his mind once again on only Nina. Life just worth it without her.

The End

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