Look Whose Laughing...

The Christmas holidays passed quickly for Nina. She had paid no attention to the fleeting days; her mind was only on Andy and seeing him that night. It always made her smile.

Megan noticed her happy mood and cornered her in her bedroom as she came out of the en suite.

“Right. Who or what happened to make you so happy?” she questioned sceptical while stepping closer.

“N-nothing happened.” Nina stammered backing up against the wall.

“Ah ah! Spill! I know you can’t lie. So tell me.” Meg’s eyes bore down on her; it was scary.

Nina looked down at her feet. “Mmmhhmmmrrr…” she turned red.

“Who was here?”


“What!!?? Nina!! What??!! He couldn’t?!!”

Nina’s blush deepened.

“You didn’t ‘do’ anything? Did you?’ Meg asked wary.

Nina shook her head violently, eyes wide. “Megan, how could you even think that?! We just kissed, A LOT.”

Megan’s glare softened and she hugged her cousin. “Good.” She sighed, content with the information she had managed to get out of Nina. “I don’t want a little Maggot (Slipknot joke) running around.” She laughed.

It made Nina laugh and it felt good. It felt good to laugh.



“You double crossing, good for nothing son of a b#tch! How dare you!!”

Andy tried to release the man’s grip on his shirt as he screamed into Andy’s face, but it was useless, Ralph was too stronger and was certainly taller than him.

“Mr. Knight, please.” Andy begged before Ralph’s fist connected with his jaw.

Ralph Knight; Nina’s father had come and dragged Andy from his house and drove him to a deserted car park. He said he needed to him. Andy was terrified.

Ralph threw him onto the gravel causing the lose stones the cut and bruise Andy’s arms and face.

“Mr’ Knight, please listen to me…” Andy begged.

“No! You filthy bast#rd! I told you, I threatened you; I banned you for ever seeing her again! You agreed, I allowed the three hours you wanted so badly. I allowed them and this is how you repay me! You steal her away Christmas Eve!”

Andy tried to pull himself up but he was trembling so much. “Please Mr. Knight –

Ralph’s foot kicked him down once again. “Why should I listen to you; you broke the rule. I promised to keep her close but you could never see her again and what do you do you sneak your way up to the West side and you see her and you probably did more than just see her!”

“I-I  was dying without her…I couldn’t stand not being able to see her…Mr. Knight I…I think I love her…”

After that all Andy could see was black.

The End

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