All I Want For Christmas...

The park was obviously deserted and the Christmas lights that hung from the trees matched the beauty of the stars in the deep navy sky.

Andy and Nina walked through the peaceful park each stealing glances at the other. Every time each was caught in the act their eyes showed nothing but longing and love.

Andy led her through the park. He felt her shiver. He looked down at her with concern and unzipped his hoodie. Nina put up her hands to stop him when he pulled it off. “Andy, no; you’ll be cold.”

“I don’t care Nina.” He put it around her shoulders and zipped it up. He smiled at her and she returned. It made his heart ache to see her smile again.

“What did you want to show me?” Nina was confident enough now to talk; around Andy she felt like her old self again.

His smile widened. “This.” He stretched out and pulled back a few branches revealing a small clearing covered by a blanket with candles and small Christmas tree decorated with coloured baubles and tinsel. Nina spotted a basket on the blanket; the smell coming from it was mouth watering. She turned back to Andy a broad smile on her face. He smiled back at her.

She jumped into his arms and kissed him. Fireworks; it felt like fireworks; amazing and dangerous, beautiful, passionate. He kissed her back almost giving into the tears threatening, he missed this. He wanted her all to himself and tonight was going so perfect.

“Thank you.” She whispered after pulling away. “Thank you so much.” She wiped her eyes with sleeve of Andy’s hoodie. He cupped her cheek in his hand and tilted her head to look at him.

“I love you Nina, forever and always. Never forget that.”

She nodded and held back the rest of her tears; surprised she still had tears to shed.

He took her hand carefully in his and led her into the clearing. Together they sat on the blanket and ate the food in the basket.

After a while Nina plucked up the courage to ask, “Why?”

“Why, what?” he answered after swallowing the last of the soup he had brought.

“Why are you doing all of this? Why tonight?”

He moved closer to her. “Don’t you what tonight is? You really think just ‘cause your dad has spilt us up that would let our Christmas tradition die too?” he smiled taking her hand. “Merry Christmas Nin.” He leaned in and kissed her.

Nina was taken aback; it was Christmas Eve. Oh God; how the hell did she not think of that? She was shopping with Megan and her friends yesterday. It must have been the shock in seeing Andy. It felt so good to be with him again. She felt safe again in his arms and his deep voice sent shivers down her spine every time he spoke. When he kissed her she melted letting him takeover. She could never help being so vulnerable around him. He kissed her gently at first but soon began to kiss her more desperately with a hunger she hadn’t seen before. She kissed him back just as hard. He ran his fingers up her arms. They cautiously stopped on her scars and she could sense him frown against her lips but he went on kissing her moving his hands along her back and down her sides. She slipped hers up the front of his Slipknot t-shirt. This was all she asked for, for Christmas.

The End

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