Merry Christmas Nina...

Andy stopped outside a new looking two story house. Its walls were a tinted yellow and it had large ivy growing up the front indicating its real age. From the road he could make out a small balcony on one side of the house. Andy sneakily crept beneath it and around to the back garden of the house where the bigger balcony was. It was dark but the lights were on in the room attached to the balcony.

Andy stood out in the open darkness in view of it. He tossed a few small stones and the popped against the balcony doors. He waited.

Soon he could hear rummaging and the doors open. There she stood bathed in the artificial ceiling lamp. She walked over to the edge and looked down onto the lawn below. She couldn’t see anything but light reflected off something she took a closer look. ‘Rapunzel Rapunzel, let down your hair. A prince here is waiting to see.”

Nina smiled a widely, as she careful climbed down the side of the balcony. She was about 6 feet from the bottom but there was no railing left for her to climb. Shutting her eyes tight she jumped and waited for the pain. But it didn’t come; she didn’t feel herself hit the ground. Opening her eyes she smiled a smile of ages past and her tears threatened to burst from her eyes. Soft lips soon found hers and she didn’t hesitate to give it back.

Still kissing her, Andy carried Nina away from the light of the house towards he darkness of the garden. He pulled away from her and set her on her feet. Taking her small hand he began to lead her down the dark street and away from the house. Nina happily followed; anything to be with him. Every time he touched her it sent electric shocks through her entire body. She loved him with all her heart; she’d do anything for him. Would she lie for him? Yes. Would she kill for him? Yes. Would she die for him?

Nina took a look at Andy; it filled her with so much hope and happiness. Would she die for him? Most definitely.


They walked hand in hand down the dark street talking about what had happened. As they neared the busier part of the suburbs the street became lit by the street lamps. They looked quite a pair. Andy was wearing a baggy black BFMV hoodie with faded skinny jeans and combat boots. Nina, on the other hand, was dressed in oversized t-shirt that acted as a short dress and was in her bare feet but she couldn’t care less.

They walked under a lamp and Andy finally caught a glimpse of her appearance in the light. He pulled her to a stop under the light. His eyes grew wide as he turned her to face him. Taking a step back he studied her.

Her porcelain skin and black rimmed eyes made her almost doll like and her raven hair looked shaggy and unmaintained; he could see it once had had shape and highlighted colouring. Her green eyes were deep and dull; they held no emotion like they had when they first saw him. She was skinny, unhealthily skinny. He could make out the bones in her arms and her shoulder bones. Andy stood there just looking at her, taking her in; every look, every feature brought more and more tears to his eyes.

“Nina…” he reached out a hand and touched her cheek. “What have you done to yourself...?”

He pulled her close to him and he finally felt how thin and weak she really was. He hugged her tightly.

“I’m sorry Andy…I’m so sorry.” She began to cry.

“Ssshh. Baby, don’t cry.” He cradled her and began to think. He let her go and pulled her along with him away from the streets towards the park. “Come on; I want to show you something.” He smiled and she weakly smiled back, following his lead.

The End

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