An Authors Note

Hello my lovley fans and friends.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank all of my friends who have helped and supported my story as it grew and continues to grow. Thank you.

If you have recently started reading , thank you for your attention and please do continue to read on as this story is not over yet :)

Please, if you are enjoying this story please do comment, and fan and rate. It would mean so much to me :)

I want to ask you guys a few questions and you can answer them in the comments, just put #Q and I'll know :)

1. Who is your favourite character so far and why?

2. What do you hate about this character?

3. What has been your favourite scene so far?

4. Why do you like this scene?

5. What would change in the story?

6. What do you what to happen in the story?

If you could please just answer this questions it would make so very happy :)

Thank you for your divine.

A peaceful silence has set in the presence of the Night Angels.

Kylar Stern

The End

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