He Wants What?...

Nina’s smiled dropped as soon as her eyes met with the deep brown ones in the open door.

“Hey.” He gave her a small wave.

She weakly waved back as he rocked back awkwardly on his heels. “W-what are you doing here?” Nina dragged out the sentence in confusion and mere shock.

“I…emm…I wanted to see if you’re ok?” Jason stumbled. “You’ve been getting a hard time in school and stuff and I wanted to check on you…” he kept his on the ground and glanced every now and again through his loose curly pale brown fringe.

“I…emm…I…” Nina stammered in reply. What was he doing here? They never talked to each other before except for the first day in school in History. So why bother now?

Megan nudged her side making her jump. ~When did she get there? ~

“Don’t just stand there like a duck.” She whispered. “Invite him in; my mum won’t be back for a while.”


“Don’t but anything. I’m determined to make you better. And admit it he’s cute.” Megan urged.

“Ahem!” Jason coughed. “I’m standing right here.”

“Get in, you’re probably freezing.” Megan grabbed his arm and pulled him into the house leaving Nina standing at the door gaping like fish.

Nina shut the door and followed them into the living room. She took a seat in the old red armchair in the corner of the room next to the fireplace. Jason sat on the couch next Megan, still looking awkward and uncomfortable. 

Megan began the interrogation. “So what exactly are you doing here, Jay?”

“I told you I came to see if Nina was ok.” He looked over at Nina curled up in the chair. She looked so small and fragile; like a single touch could break her. It made him feel like he needed to protect her from everything.

It became very awkward as a silence slipped in. Neither of the girls knew Jason personally; he was just another guy that shared some of their classes with. He was quite an average guy too. Faded brown curly hair that ended just below his ears, not like Andy’s; Andy’s stopped below his shoulders. He had soft brown eyes that complimented his hair colour.

Nina couldn’t help but stare at him; he was so different to Andy and Neil. They were the only boys she ever came in contact with. And Jason was nothing like them. He wasn’t the music influenced best friend that Andy was and is and he wasn’t the complete psychopath that ruined her life like Neil. He was different and it, somewhat, intrigued her.

Megan broke the awkward silence. “Emm…would like something to drink? Tea maybe?” she asked shifting uncomfortably in her seat. Nina giggled to herself; her cousin was crazy about tea it was unreal.

“Yeah. Sure, please.” Jason forced a smile and Megan left to the kitchen.

When he was sure Megan was out of hearing distance Jason moved to the floor in front of Nina’s chair. Nina was still staring at him like an idiot.

He stared back but got up and closed the living room door. Nina narrowed her eyes at him as he took his seat on the floor.

“What are you really here for?” she asked. So what if she was being hostile; he was lying.

He stared back at her but let out a sigh, shaking his head. “You’re good.” He gave her a small smile before asking, “Can we, maybe, talk somewhere a little more private?” he glanced uneasily around the rom.

Nina kept her glare as she answered. “Why? What’s wrong with telling me here?”

“I don’t want your cousin to hear us talking.” He answered plainly.

Nina stood up and walked out of the living room and up the stairs with Jason following her with an uneasy look.

She led him to her room and she sat on the bed impatiently waiting for him to go on. When he didn’t say anything she gave him a warning look. “Well?” she asked annoyed.

He rocked back on his heels and thought for a moment.

“I…eh…” he stopped rocking and looked her straight in the eye taking a deep breath. “Well, I was wondering maybe we…could…be…friends…? You always seem so alone and sad and somehow I want to make you feel happier…”


“What?! But you haven’t even thought about it!” he looked offended, well tough luck Nina didn’t want another friend.

“I told you; no. I’m interested in having friends, I had a friend who I loved dearly but sadly I don’t think I will ever see him again.” Nina slowed down and tried to regain her control over her breathing. “So I’m sorry Jason, my answer is and always will be; no. Now I may ask you to kindly leave.” She gestured to the door.

He went and opened it but turned back to her before he left. “I won’t give up though. Just know that.”

Then he left; out of her room, down the stairs, through the hall and out the front door. And for some strange reason Nina wasn’t dreading school tomorrow.


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The End

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