What Is Slowly Happening to Me...

“Come on, Babe. You know you want to.” Kelly pressed her low cut tank top chest closer to Andy. Ugh, she reeked of cheap perfume. Not like Nina; she always smelled of heaven and aloe. Thinking of her still made him tear up. It had only been two weeks; it felt like forever.

Something soft touched his neck shocking back to the sleeper trying to get him into bed.

Kelly was kissing his neck. He roughly pushed her away from him. “F#ck off Kelly; I don’t need this right now!” he yelled over the music. Damn Kevin knew how to throw a party. ~Why am I here? ~He thought to himself.

“Oh course you don’t.” Kelly smirked unphased by his glare. She stepped closer again. “And you don’t need this,” she pulled of his beanie. “Or this,” she unzipped his hoodie and tugged it off his shoulders.

She stepped closer again making him back into wall. “And you definitely don’t need this.” Her eyes portrayed her evil as her hands skilfully found his belt buckle.

Throwing her off him all Andy could think of was Nina’s face if she saw what was happening; the anger, the depression he would see in her forest colour eyes.

Grabbing his hoodie and hat he turned back to Kelly. She was mad. Fires lit her eyes and she looked like she wanted to kill someone. He walked back to her and wrapped a hand around her neck. “Don’t you EVER try that with me again. You know that there is only one person in my life that I want and everyone knows it will never be you!” he hissed in her ear. That just riled her up even more.

“Fine! Go back to your Emo wh@re! I’m sure she still looks like Satan with her glory scars!” she spat at him.

He let go and stormed from the house away from the party. Away from the blasting music, away from the drunks, away from Kelly and other girls just like her. Away from everything and everyone.




“Dad, please? I want to come home for Christmas. I miss you.” Nina lied down the phone. She didn’t miss her dad; no, she hated him for what he did. What she missed was Andy, if only for day she could she him it would make her happy.

“No Nina. You’re gonna stay with your aunt and cousin and I’ll come and visit on Christmas.”

“But Dad. Please. This will be the first without Mum…” she whispered.

Her father sighed in reply and the receiver went dead.

Nina let out an annoyed scream and fell back onto her bed. Why was her dad so mean and when had he become so strict? Ever since the incident with Andy he’s been acting so strange. She absently touched the fresh scar along her neck and traced it down to her collar bone.

A knock came from the door and it opened with Megan in the doorway looking as confused as ever.

Megan was sixteen like Nina. She had shoulder length dirty blonde hair and olive green eyes with orange flecks. She was about five foot four, slightly shorter than Nina and enjoyed comfortable punk princess style.

“Hey, emm Nin, you have a visitor…” she sounded, as she would say, confuddled.

“Tell them I’m not here.” Nina didn’t even looked up from her staring position of the ceiling.

“Already did. But he knows you’re here.”

Nina sat up and looked at her cousin. “He?”

“Yeah. HE. It’s a guy.” Her eyes widened in disbelief that someone actually came to visit her anti-social roomie. As much as Megan loved her cousin she could really turn people off with her hostility and ghostly appearance.

Nina hopped up and ran out the room ignoring the fact that she was only wearing bootie shorts and a Black Veil Brides Tee; her heart was pounding too hard for her to think. He had come. He finally found and now he was going to save her like he always did.

She ran the stairs two at a time with a smile starting to tug at her lips as he ran to the front door.

Anticipation ran through her veins as she reached for the handle and pulled open the door.

It wasn’t Andy.

The End

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