This Isn't My Sweet Poetry...

“Nina, get your lazy ass out of bed!” Megan pulled back the duvet and Nina threw her a cold glare.
“No.” she said pulling the duvet back and hiding under it. “I’m not coming out. I know he won’t be there. …he never is…”

“Nina, forget about him. Please, move on.” Megan begged; she hated seeing her cousin like this.


Since Nina was forced to transfer to detSt. Helena’s and live her cousin her health had detriated. Nina felt if she can’t spend a life with Andy then life just wasn’t worth the effort and neglected her body and soul. She would spend her school day on her own in a corner and the weekends hid under her blankets crying.


“NEVER!” Nina screamed. She buried her face in her pillow and cried heavily. He didn’t care about her. If he did he would have come for her. But he didn’t; he never really loved her.


Megan let out a heavy sigh. “Fine; stay there. I’ll be back soon. We’re going to the park, okay? I won’t be far.” Before she left she placed an envelope on Nina’s side drawers. “And I found this on the front porch. It has your name on it.”


Megan left and closed the door behind her. When Nina was sure she had gone she pulled herself from the bed and looked in the mirror. Her face was pale, her eyes were red rimmed and emotionless. She wore a long t-shirt dress that stopped below her knees and her hair looked tired and straw like in a messy plait. She went over to her drawers and stopped as she noticed the white envelope on the top.




Was written across the front. Anxiously she picked it up with shaking fingers and slowly opened it. Unfolding the letter, she sat down on the edge of her messy bed. “To Nina.” Was scratched out and next it also with a line through it was ‘Dear Nina.” It made her smile a little and she continued to read;              Nina,


            My dearest heart in all your glory

Look down upon my love

As she sleeps and as she dreams

You scream I’ll never be enough

I don’t believe I’ll be enough to reach the place she’s in

She is too high for me to reach

I want to fly I want to touch her

One last time I beg of you

Heart please hear my cries and bring back

The one that makes me breathe

The reason I am living

I never want to leave her alone

In the night or in the day

Without her I feel empty, an incomplete jigsaw.

She is the final piece

She is what makes me complete

And so my holy heart let me take the girl

I love away from all her troubles

And if she desires, peace she will finally bring.


Nina couldn’t stop smiling and this time the slow tears were ones of happiness and love. He did care for her, he hadn’t forgotten her.

The End

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