Make It Stop!...

Megan’s alarm rang out loudly,“We’ve got galaxies and plants and moons. And an awful lot of running…TO DO!”(Authors note: YouTube this song, it’s called AwfulLotof Running by Chameleon Circuit)


Nina grudgingly dragged herself from the extra bed in Megan’s room. As much as she loved her cousin she wished she was home, with Andy.

She took a quick shower in the bathroom down the hall; Meg had stolen the En Suite. Afterwards she straightened her black hair and backcombed her top layers, giving them volume. “F#ck them” she said to herself as she applied a heavy ring of eyeliner.

“F#ck them.” She said as she dressed in theSt. Helena’s uniform. Nina didn’t like it; she wanted to wear her skinny jeans. The uniform consistent of a gray and blue tartan skirt which came halfway down her thighs just covering her shorts. With it was a deep blue shirt and a gray sweater vest with the school crest. Nina chose to wear over the knee black socks and her black All Star converse with deep purple stars.

She looked at her refection in the mirror. Her cuts were begining to heal and scar. But the ones on her neck and arms had to still be covered. She looked at herself up and down,~I look hideous with scars, Andy will never love me and neither will anyone else now.~She shook her head, she shouldn’t be thinking like that, Andy will always love her…wouldn’t he?


Andy lay on his bed staring at the photo in his hand. It was one of Nina when he took her to her first rock festival. She was so happy, her eyes were so bright, so green; she was so beautiful. A knock came from his door, “Andy dear, you have to go to school.” His mum called.

He didn’t want to go and he decided he wouldn’t. He emptied his school bag on his bed and rummaged through the papers. He stuffed one or two drawings, a notebook, a few pens, his switchblade his dad had given him, his wallet and a spare jacket into his now empty bag. Throwing it over his shoulder and slipping his phone into his pocket he shouted down the hall. “Mum, I’m leaving now!”

“Okay love!” she called back from the kitchen.

Andy shut the bedroom door and opened his window. He climbed out and began walking towards the park.



“Now class, we are joined by a new student today; Nina Tori Knight.” Announced Miss Charles to the rest of the class.

“It’s just Nina, thank you.” She nearly hissed at her. She hated when people gave her middle name, no body cared what her middle name.

“Well then, NINA, why don’t tell us a bit about yourself.” She continued.

“I’d rather not.” She stated walking and taking a seat at the back corner next to an unknown boy but luckily behind Megan. The teacher stared at her for a moment before flashing back to the reality. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish as tried to think of a way to continue. “A-anyway class, today we will begin to study…” Nina zoned out from Mrs. Charles rant on history. She shifted in her seat and tried her best to ignore the curious looks and glares from the other students.

After the class the boy beside her stood up but stopped beside her. “Hey,” he said cheerily. “I’m Jason.”

She looked up from her desk. He had a welcoming smile. Nina didn’t feel any better, he probably only felt sorry for the girl-with-the-cut-up-face. “I’m sorry to sound rude but, I don’t plan on making any friends here; I’m content with just my cousin being there for me.” She stood up from her desk and picked up her bag. “So please don’t waste your time.” She said with emotionless features on her sickly pale face. She walked straight passed him and out of the room.

As she walked down the corridors ofSt. Helena’s students gave her the worst looks. Girls with dyed blonde hair glared and hissed at her. Players from the soccer team threw food at her. Her first day in this school was hateful, she wanted Andy; she missed him so much.


Andy had chosen to sit on the bench near Nina’s tree. Named after her of course when she fell out of it when they were nine.

The memory made him smile a little but that smile soon faded when he remembered where Nina was. God he missed her so much and it had only been three days; three days of complete torture.

He put down his pen and looked at his watch, 4:05, he should be getting home; his mum thought he had gone to school. Tossing his notepad and pen back in his bag Andy began to walk back home, thoughts of Nina never left his mind.



The End

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