No Matter What Happens, I Will Love You.

“Andy there’s something you’re not telling me…” Nina moved closer to him and pulled herself onto his crossed legs.

They sat in the tree house in Andy’s back garden. They had been there all morning cause Nina’s dad wouldn’t let her back to school with her injuries and Andy was still suspended for beating up Neil.

“Andy what’s wrong?” She put a hand to his cheek to make him look at her.

“It’s nothing Nina…” He whispered taking her hand from his face and kissing it. Why did Neil have to spoil something so beautiful? He took in all her features, he was going to miss her so much. Her once heaven blessed face was ruined by the white scars that trailed her angelic skin. The one on her neck was more noticeable than the others. It was a constant reminder to him that he would never be god enough for her because he let her get hurt that day. It killed him to look at her now.


She placed both hands on his face and kissed him before pulling away with a stern look. “Andrew Charlie Deally, you tell what’s going on and you tell me right now or I’ll leave you here and give you the silent treatment for as long as I have to.” she smirked at the end but he knew she wasn’t joking; she had done it before.

He took a deep breath, ~Andy you have to f#cking tell her. ~

“Nina what if I told you this was goodbye?”

She pulled back from him with startled green eyes. “You…you’re breaking up with me?”

He quickly took her hands and pulled her back to him shaking his head. “Never! I’ll never do that to you. But Nina what if we had no choice…”

“Andy what are you talking about?” She was starting to worry.

“Nina…” He took a breath, this was going to hurt so bad. “I can’t see you anymore…”

“Andy, please stop you’re starting to scare me.” She backed away.

He held onto her hands firmly. “Your dad doesn’t want me seeing you anymore…”

“But, but why? Andy, Dad loves you he told me he’d throw me out of the house if I ever left you for someone else…you’re the son he never had.” her voice was shaking and uneven.

“Nina he’s scared I’ll hurt you. After you ran away I was so angry about what Neil did to you that I couldn’t control it…” Andy trailed off unsure on how to continue telling her what her father had put him up to do.

“But Andy I know you won’t hurt me. And even if you did I wouldn’t care. Andy I love you too much. Dad will never stop me from being with you. If he stops me coming here I still get to see you at school and-  

Andy held up a hand and stopped her going on.

“Nina this is the last time I’ll ever see you again.” He couldn’t swallow the lump rising in his throat. She sat there shaking her head pleading with him.

“Don’t say that Andy we’ll see each other tomorrow when I come over again…”

“Nina, stop it! Nina you won’t be coming back here. You dad’s transferring you to St. Helena’s! He taking you to live with your cousin tonight, he’ll be here to collect you in an hour so please just stop telling yourself it’ll be ok, that it won’t stop us cause it will it f#cking will!”

He watched her cry softly at first to herself and then holding back the rest she hug him tight. He was going to miss this so much. Her emerald eyes, her slender frame, her soft lips, her angelic laugh; everything. He promised himself he will never let go of her, never. He would keep all their memories and visit them daily; he wasn’t ready to let her go.

“Andy, don’t make me go…tell him you won’t let me…” Nina sobbed into his shoulder. “I love you Andy…don’t let him do this…”

“Nin I have no choice if you don’t he’ll drag you there…I love you more…” he whispered back.

She pulled away with a small smile, “I love you most…”

He bent down and kissed her and she kissed him back desperately. His tongue slid across her bottom lip and she let him in.

Soon a car horn could be heard but they didn’t stop, they weren’t ready to.

The car door slammed shut and Nina’s dad’s voice boomed around them as he marched angrily towards the back garden.


Nina ignored him and continued to kiss Andy.

“I SAID NOW!” He pulled her off Andy and began dragging her back towards the car.

“Andy! Dad let me go! Let me go!” she screamed. “Andy!”

He threw her into the back seat of the car and got into the drivers seat locking the doors. Nina pulled desperately at the handle. “No! I won’t go! You can’t make me!”

Her dad started the car and began to drive away. Nina looked out the back window and watched as Andy stood in the street crying and holding what looked to her like a scarf close to him.


Andy fell to his knees. He clutched Nina’s t-shirt closer to his chest. It was a My Chemical Romance tee with a bleeding rose and ‘Merci pour le Venon” printed on the front and ‘I am a Demolition Lover’ written across the back. It smelled like her Playboy perfume mixed with her natural Aloe Vera scent. How was he ever going to survive without her…?

The End

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