Why Is All the Beauty Destroyed?...

Nina tossed and turned as she slept. Andy stayed up the whole night just watching her; he couldn’t sleep, not when she was like this. He had rung his mum telling her everything and she let him stay at Nina’s.

He sat at the end of her bed staring at the wall lost in thoughts unknown to even himself.


“ANDY!” Nina sat bolt up right screaming at the top of her lungs. She leapt at the figure sitting at the end of her bed and cried heavily into its shoulder. Familiar arms instantly wrapped around her furious shaking frame.

Andy had begun to cry along with her. “Nina I’m so sorry. I’m sorry Nina…I’m so sorry. I’ll never say things like that to you again. Never. I promise Nina I promise on my life. I love you Nina, I never want to hurt you I’m so sorry I’m so sorry. I love you Nina…please Nina please forgive me…please…” he pleaded between his tears.

She couldn’t reply all she did was cry and cry she did. For an hour and a half they stayed like that.


When she felt like she had no more tears to cry Nina pulled back from where she was buried in Andy’s chest. There was a huge wet patch on his t-shirt but neither could care less at this time.

She reached up and lightly touched his face with a bandaged hand. “I love you too Andy…” she mouthed, she couldn’t talk from all her crying. She kissed him lightly on the lips and he kissed her back. Andy moved his hand behind her head to hold her there as he kissed her softly. He was so scared that he would have never kissed her again. Soon he began to taste blood on her lips and reluctantly pulled away for her. He looked over her face. The slit across her lips was bleeding, the X and slit by her eyes had now become crusty red scabs and the gash on her neck had begun to weakly bleed through the gauze he had wrapped around it. He knew all of it would scar and no one would ever see past them, no one but him.

He stood up from the bed and took wool pads from the first aid kit on the floor be Nina’s low bed. Kneeling in front of her he gently took her hand away from her bleeding lips and began to dab away the blood. ~If Neil EVER gets out of Juvie, he will pay for this…for everything. ~ 

Nina watched as Andy took care of her, she didn’t deserve this, she didn’t deserve his apology. He was right; she was useless, she was nothing to everyone even Andy. She was worthless and weak like her mother. Maybe she deserved to die, maybe Nina deserved to watch it happen. Maybe it was fate telling her this is what happens when you break your promise of love to another. Maybe it was life teaching her that death is never something to be afraid of because no matter what you do to enjoy life through religious sins or to live a safe simple life death will always be around the corner waiting for you and others. To take away the things you care about the most.

While all these thoughts raced through her mind Nina’s eyes began to droop; all the crying and now all the mental running was wearing her out. She had lost so much blood yesterday she was still so weak that it caused her to faint. She did nothing to stop it happening; she was too weak to fight it off so she let the darkness engulf her.

She fell forward and Andy caught her in mid fall. He kissed the top of her head before gently lifting her into her bed and pulling her duvet around her. He stroked his thumb across her forehead and brushed his fingertips down her cheeks and across her jaw line.  

“No one will ever hurt you again Nina…I swear on my life, NO ONE will hurt you.”

The End

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