That's When It Came Crashing Down...Part 4

Nina’s lungs burned but she kept running, leaving a thin broken trail of behind her.

She ran to the old train track and hid under the bridge.

She pulled her knees up to her chest and stared at her now blood stained hands. Letting out a sigh followed by slow tears, she lay down in the darkness and dirt and cried.


“Neil! You b@st@rd! You @ssh#le!” Andy kept his list of insults and swears going as he continued to pound his fists into Neil’s face. ~Why won’t he fight back? ~

Neil smirked at him despite his punches bruising his face. It just angered Andy even more. He grabbed the front of Neil’s t-shirt, damp with blood from Neil’s broken nose. “Fight back jerk! Why won’t you fight back?!” Andy screamed.

Neil didn’t answer he just kept a smug smile on his face. Andy opened his mouth to shout again before a strong hand clamped down on his shoulder.

“Mr. Deally, would you and Mr. Davies please join me in my office. I think the two of you have A LOT of explaining to do.”

Andy didn’t let go off Neil.

“Mr. Deally.”

Andy reluctantly let go and the two followed principal Hartley to his office. No one said a word but Neil kept his smile. All Andy could think of was why hadn’t Neil fought back.




‘It is due to this behaviour...’ Andy skipped down the letter ‘…issuing a two week suspension on the excuse of a first offence.’

Andy read the through Mr. Hartley’s letter again. ~Yep, suspension~ His mum was going to flip, she’d probably ground him during his suspension. Two weeks, two weeks without Nina; torture.

“Nina!” he gasped. How could he have forgotten? He turned on his heel and ran down the street towards the outskirts of the town. ~Nina please be where I think you are. Please be ok~




When Andy arrived at the bridge Nina was asleep. He kneeled next to her in the dirt moving a strand of hair from her face. Her face was all cut up. There was a small X next to her left eye and a slit across her lips. The cut under her right eye had already begun to scar. Her hair was sticky and stiff from the blood on her neck. The slash Neil had made ran from below left ear down her neck and stopped at her collarbone.

Andy traced the line of crisp dried red with his fingertips causing Nina’s face to scrunch up in pain as she slept.

Andy looked at his watch, 6:15. Letting out a tired sigh he bent down and picked up Nina, cradling her to him. He began to walk back to town.


On the way home Nina mouthed something in her sleep but Andy couldn’t make it out.


It was half 7 when they arrived at Nina’s house. The lights were out which meant her dad was away on business again. ~Strange~ he thought ~Nina never told me…~ He began to wonder; Nina never kept secrets from him even little silly things like her father going away for a few nights.

He searched Nina’s pockets for her house keys. After opening the door and locking it behind them he carefully carried her up to her room.

He gently lay her on her bed. “What the hell do I do now Nina?” he whispered to himself.

He decided to at least clean her wounds. He brushed away her hair from her face and wiped away the dirt. When he had finished he noticed the blood on her hands. The staining redness carried on up her arm underneath her hoodie.

Andy slowly straightened her up and careful pulled off her hoodie. He dropped her and stepped back in shock. Her arm was covered in gashes and bloody cravings. ‘Emo B#tch’ was craved up the inside of her right arm.

Andy’s eyes began to water with tears. “Oh Nina…” he whispered.

The End

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