Thats When It Came Crashing Down...Part 3

“I knew you’d agree.” A devil smile spread across Neil’s pale lips. He roughly pulled on her hair so she had to stretch out her neck to stop him form pulling put a clump of black and purple curls. He held knife against her outstretched neck.

“But I’m just going to make sure…” he slashed the knife downwards and threw Nina across the floor. She landed at Shawn’s feet clutching her throat. Shawn looked down at her and then back to Neil in horror. He opened his mouth to say something, to object to this but he didn’t he was sure Neil would literally kill him; it wasn’t too hard to see the rage in Neil’s brown eyes.

“What?!” Neil sneered at him noticing his open mouth.

“We weren’t expecting you too do that…Neil we don’t want to go to Juvie…” Shawn didn’t look at him; he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the bloody beat up girl at his feet.

“But we’re not gonna’ go to Juvie. As long as she keeps her mouth shut.” Neil smirked pointing his blade at Nina.

“You think just because she won’t tell that I’ll keep quiet too! I won’t let you get away with this Neil! Not for this!” Andy raised his voice from where he stood at the lockers. Neil’s fist clashed with his face. He grabbed the front of Andy’s shirt and pinned him hard against the row of bright red lockers.

Neil was at least two feet taller then Andy which made it all the more intimidating to watch.

“Well I would keep my fagot mouth closed if I were you. Because if I go to Juvie over this I can make your little sl#t girlfriend disappear.” He hissed.

Andy glanced over at Nina, who was still on the floor cradling her bleeding neck. He let out a sigh of defeat.

Neil beamed like the devil. “Good.” He dropped Andy and made a beeline back towards Nina. He kicked her down to the floor, laughing at her pain.

She choked out a cry; Andy thought he heard her cry his name. His anger began to build up again. ~STOP HURTING HER! ~ His mind screamed. “Back off from her! She said she wouldn’t tell so stop hurting her!” Andy lifted himself up and pushed Neil’s back.

“Andy don’t…” Nina’s voice only sounded above a whisper.

“No Nina.” He didn’t look at her he kept his eyes on Neil and his blade. “How dare you! You have no right to hurt her!” Neil had turned around to face him now.

“Andy please…” she looked up at him with pleading green eyes.

He ignored her. “How dare you even touch her with your filthy hands?!”

“Andy just forget it.” She began to find her voice as she struggled to her feet holding on to Shawn’s shoulder for support. Surprisingly he stood still and let her lean on him.

“Nina!” Andy turned to look at her now. “They have no right!” he ran his eyes over her, she was close enough that he cloud see her clearly now. “You bleeding for Krissake! And the things they’ve said! You crying Nina!”

“Andy stop! Just leave it Andy!” Nina shouted forgetting about Neil, Shawn and Liam.

“…Nina…” Andy started.

“No! Just shut up! Maybe I deserve this. Maybe this is my eternal punishment! Maybe my mother died 'cause I deserved it! And I deserve this too Andy! I deserve it for being born hers!” She stood upright now, absent tears starting to flow slowly.

“Nina, look what they’ve done to you! They’ve hurt you! You NEVER deserve this-

“I do! I’m her daughter! I’m no better than her! I deserve it! With scars I’ll never become the whore she was! I DESERVE IT!”

Andy looked at her in disbelief. Were these words really coming out of Nina’s mouth; his Nina, the Nina who had grown up loving her family, loving her mother. Were they really coming from her? “They’ve turned you against your own mother! Look at you Nina!” his anger boiled over, what was she saying. “Look at you! You’re useless Nina! You can’t even think for yourself!!”


Nina cried freely now. her make up was washing away with every tear, revealing her pale angelic face.

She pushed Shawn away, ran down the hall and burst out onto the street. She kept running and didn’t look back.


Neil laughed loudly reminding Andy how the argument had started. Any swung round and planted a fist square into Neil’s jaw knocking him to the ground.

The End

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