That's Whan It Came Crashing Down...Part 2

The bell rang out in the hall signalling the end of the scholl day. They all held their breaths as they listened to the bustle and rush of stundents as they hurried through the corridors outside. Nina wanted to scream, to let someone know they were in here . But they could hurt Andy and he never deserved it.

The scuffling of feet soon came to a silence; the school was empty.

"Neil, I swear if you hurt her." Andy couldnt see hurt cuts, he was short sighted. Not by much but he couldnt she Nina's cuts.

"Already done Deally. HA! You missed all the fun." He pulled Nina up by her hair again. "This is my revenge Deally." He hissed. "I was put on report again because of her. One more and I'm in Juvie."

"Then why are you dooing this, you'll get reported for this!" Andy's eyes never left Nina.

"Oh. But I'm not going to get reported. Not unless someone  tells. And I'm going to make sure NO ONE tells." Neil tightened his grip on Nina's hair. Her hands were on her head trying desperatly to pry away Neil's grip on her hair.

"Please...Let me go..." Her voice began to crack as she teetered on the edge of breaking.

Neil turned his head back to Nina. "Not unless you swear never to tell!" Neil spat.

"I do! I do!" her fingers strained to pull his hands away.

"Nina don't let him do this - AH!" Liam slammed Andy against a wall of lockers before he could finish.

Watching her best friend get hurt while she was helpless made her want to burst into tears. How could they hurt him?

Neil yanked forcefully on her hair knocking her out of thought. "Give me an answer Knight!" He pulled harder making her cry out like an injured pup. "Now!"

"I swear! I swear! Let me go!" she cried. She didn't care if Andy was angry now or that he would probaly  never speak to her again. As long as they didn't hurt him, dhe didn't care what happened to her.

The End

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