That's When It Came Crashing Down...

“Let me go! Let me go!” Nina struggled against Shawn’s tight grip on her arms. Liam punched her stomach knocking the wind out of her, making her feel nausea and lightheaded. She doubled over gaping for breath when a pair of white trainers with the initials ND written across the toe came into her view below her.


ND, Neil Davies. Nina’s eyes widened in disbelief; Neil was on suspension, he shouldn’t be here. His trainers were now becoming stained with drops of blood that dripped from Nina’s spilt lip. It hurt so much.


Neil grabbed a fistful of her loose black curls and jerked her head up to look at him. She held in her scream. It’s not like anyone could have heard her even if she did. She stared back into his emotionless brown eyes finding nothing but cold and hatred.


Shawn and Liam had jumped her in the hallway on her way to history and dragged her into the boys’ locker room.

"You know," Neil's eyes gleamed of evil. "I never liked you Knight." He flicked his wrist and the blade of his pen knife shot from its casing. It reflected the artifical light back onto the low plastered ceiling. "You were always too perfect and different. Too pretty, for my liking."  He held the blade against her cheekbone, "But of course, we can fix that."  He dragged the blade across her cheek under her right eye. She winced as the blood slowly trickled down her face.


Nina was nearly breaking, she had tried so hard over the year not to cry; not to let Neil break her, overpower her. But now the tears poricked the corners of her eyes.

Shawn dropped his grip and she fell to her knees. Blood flowwed slowly down her arms and her face.


Why did that voice sound so familiar?

Neil didn't hear the disembodied voice and continued to speak. "Your mother was asl@tKnight. And you're no better! We're just giving you what you deserved as your mother got what she did."


Nina recogised the voice now.

"Andy?..." She whispered. It hurt to speak, it hurt to breathe. She tried to ignore it and took a deep breath. "ANDY!" she shouted, pain erupting from her spilt lips. she stiffled her scream with difficulty and sgouted again. "Andy!"

"Nina?!" Andy came into viewat the bottem of a row of lockers. He turned and saw her on her knees with Neil, Shawn and Liam surronding her with the knife in Neil's hand and blood on his blue t-shirt.

"NINA!" andy bolted towards her but Liam grabbed him pinning his arms to his sides. Liam was much stronger then Andy, Liam was a footballer.

"NINA! Nina! What the hell did you do to her!!? Nina!"  He stuggled, pulling towards her but Liam held him in one place.

"And......" she whispered. She hurt so much, she kept swallowing the blood from her torn lips.


The End

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