The Filler

Nina and Andy met on the corner the following morning. Nina smiled akwardly as he walked towards her.

There was a mischievous glint in his eye that she wished she had spotted earlier. She turned on her heel and prepared to run but he caught her before she took a step, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind her.

“And where do you think you’re going?” he whispered to her before kissing her cheek.  

“To school for your information.” She stuck out her tongue at him and pulled against his grip but he held her tighter. “So will you please let me go.” She huffed.

He frowned, pretending to think about. He shook his head.

“Maybe I don’t want you to go.”

“That’s not your decision 'cause you have to go too.”


“Andy let me go.” She pulled against him with more force this time but failed once again.

“I’m not letting you go and there’s nothing you can do to make me change my mind.” He bent his head to her ear. “Except, maybe kiss me again.”

Nina flushed red as he kissed her jaw line. ~cheeky b@st@rd~

She turned her head and stood on her toes. She lightly kissed his cheek. “There, happy?” she added a hint of sarcasm before pushing his arms. “Now let me go.”

“I want a proper kiss Nina.”

“Bite me- OW!” her hand flew to her neck. She turned around to face him, still in his arms. The shock that plastered her face could rival any overacting Hollywoodstar. It made Andy chuckle out of amusement. Her reaction was so cute when he shocked her like that.

“YOU BIT ME.” Her eyes were like saucers.

“Well you said to.” He smirked back.

“I didn’t mean literally Andy.” She glared at his smug expression. He had become really bold since their kiss on the cliff top. Nina shook her head; there was no time to think about that right now.

He held her chin up on the side of his index finger. “Are you going to kiss me properly now?” he could help but smile when she stuck out her tongue at that comment.

He leaned forward, despite her ‘glare of death’ and wasn’t surprised when she met him halfway. She kissed him back so softly it sent his heart racing. Andy began to dominate the kiss and their lips moved in sync with each other. 

Nina didn’t care if they went to school or not anymore, this was far more interesting than her classes.




The bell rang signally the end of lunch. Nina stood up from the bench in the far corner of the school yard beneath the dying oak.

Nina hated school. She hated the classes, she hated the teachers, she hated the students but what she hated most was being apart from Andy. They only shared about 4 classes and then she was alone for the rest. Nina only had two friends; Andy and her cousin Megan, but Megan attended a private school for girls on the outskirts of the town so they didn’t see each other that often.

She normally spent lunch with Andy but he never showed up so today she spent it alone in her corner.

Nina bent down to pick up her book that had fallen to the frosty tarmac. As she picked it up a folded piece of paper fell out of the back of it. Curious, she unfolded the note and read:


                                                     Nina don’t forget I love you.


It was written in Andy’s quick graceful hand. She smiled to herself; he made it so hard for her to stay mad at him.

She looked around the empty yard before placing the note in her rucksack. She made her way back towards the school building. Ugh, history, no fun. And what was worse, of course, was Andy wasn’t going to be there. But maybe this time it wouldn’t be so bad; Neil was on suspension now so he can’t hurt her.

The End

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