Two Months Later...Continued.

The walk took 3 excruciating hours of silence. Nina could take a hint and kept her mouth shut.

Andy led her through the once familiar forest where they would play as kids. Their wishing cliff was on the other side.



The cliff side was the same as before, covered with dark lush grass speckled with a few weeds and shrubs. It over looked the small town. As children Nina and Andy would make the 4 hour journey to this very cliff side to make an end of summer wish in the sunset every August 31st. It was special to them.


Andy took her to the very top and turned her around to face him. She gazed up quizzically at him and he gazed back with a look she never recognized.

The day’s light became more orange as the sun began to sink into the horizon. Nina turned to watch it.

“Oh…Andy, the sunset…” he took both her hands in his. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” she stared longingly at the horizon

“Yes, you are…” he didn’t take his eyes off her.

Nina turned her head back to him in confusion. “Andy, are you ok?”

“You’re perfect…”

She squeezed one of his hands, “You are talking about the sunset right?” she raised an eyebrow at him.

He lifted a hand and put loose curl behind her pierced ear but said nothing; kept the strange look in his eyes.

“Andy what are we actually doing here?” she frowned at the ground trying to answer her own question.

He held her face, “I told you, I have to do something.”

The sun had nearly disappeared behind them as he tilted her head up so her eyes met his. Her emerald eyes locked with his ocean blue ones. He bent his head so that their lips barely touched. “Andy…” she whispered before he placed his lips on hers.


The blood rushed to Andy’s head; he couldn’t believe what he was doing. He was finally kissing her. Her lips were soft and he could taste the strawberry Chap Stick she always wore. She didn’t respond for a few moments so he started to pull away. Her arms suddenly flung around his neck and she began to kiss him back. He slid his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Their kiss deepened and he coaxed her mouth open. Feeling her breath against his sent his heart racing.


Nina’s thoughts flew around her head but she couldn’t pinpoint any of them. Andy had kissed her. HER, she never would have believed it. She would have never guessed he returned her feelings but now, now all that knowledge of before, all her worries, all doubts melted away with that one kiss.

The End

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