Two Months Later...

An ice November wind blew across the school yard.  It made Nina’s hair fly out in black and purple tendrils. She pulled her Slipknot hoodie tighter around her shoulders and wrapped her arms across her chest in a desperate attempt to keep warm. Why was he taking so long?

She sighed to herself letting a stray tear slide slowly down her cheek. It had been 2 months but she still missed her mother.”

Her grieving was interrupted by the heavy school door opening with a clang. Nina looked up to see Andy standing over her.  He wiped away her single lonesome tear with the back of his finger, giving her a sympathic smile. She smiled a sad one back to him.

“Where have you been? I’ve been here for an hour.” She asked after pushing away her emotions for her dead mother.

He pulled liquid eyeliner from the back pocket of his grey faded skinny jeans. “Don’t you remember?” he held up her chin and started the fill in and fix where her black eye make-up had been washed away or smudged by her tear.  “I had detention.” He said then lightly blew on the wet liner to help it dry.

“You shouldn’t have gotten detention; you didn’t do anything. If anyone desevered it, it should have been Ron; he did it not you.” She stated as he gently tapped a finger testing the dryness of the liner.

“But there was no use arguing with Mr. Hartley. I just had to take and deal with it.” He shrugged then smiled at her; she really was beautiful.

Her curious look snapped him back to reality. “It’s done.” He said to fill that terrible gap of silence.

Nina looked down at her phone and checked her reflection. It was perfect; it looked like nothing ever happened. She let another tear fall but he stopped it before it could do the same damage as the first.

She smiled to herself; what would she ever do without him?

Without looking up she reached out and cupped his cheek in her hand. His warm skin burned against her frozen palm.

“I love you Andy.” She said to her lap.

“Love you too Nin.” She felt him smile. She looked up shyly. HisCaribbeanblue eyes met her. She stroked her thumb across his cheekbone.

“You’re my best friend.” She whispered.

“You’re my best friend too.”

“But Andy…” she dropped her head afraid to keep looking but he lifted her chin and held it so she had no choice. The look in his eyes urged her to continue. “I…You’re my only friend Andy.” She felt him tense but continued. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. I’d be nothing; I’d have no one…Promise me that you’ll never leave me, that we’ll always be friends.”

She said it so fast that Andy was left in shock. He couldn’t think of an answer.

“Andy?” he could she her mentally worrying about his answer. She doesn’t have anyone else, just me. He was shocked but he was felt so happy. After they met Nina never made any other friends, she was content with just having him. That thought made him feel needed and worthy…and loved. And he loved her, he always loved her. Since they were 9 years old and she had kissed his cheek for Valentine’s Day, he had loved her and he never stopped; even when she dated other guys and had her heart broken, he never stopped. And he knew deep down he never would.

“I promise Nina, I could never leave you. And I never want to leave you.”

A smile broke across her face at his words. She stood up from the bench table she was sitting on and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Thank you Andy.” She whispered in his ear before lightly kissing his cheek. It sent shocks through his entire body.

She pulled away and took his hand. “We better get going or we’ll be late. Dad’s inTexasso I have to cook for myself.” She smiled up at him.

She turned to walk on but he wouldn’t budge. She turned to face him with a questioning look. He began to pull her in the opposite direction.

“Andy, home is the other way.” She tried to pull back but he tightened his grip on her hand.

“I know but want to do something.” His voice was blank and toneless. Nina took a hint and shut up. She walked the rest of the way in silence lead along by Andy; who for some unknown reason to her, wouldn’t let go of her hand.

The End

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