Sweet Dreams?...

Nina woke up screaming, sweat ran down her face by the bucket loads. She looked around frantically, she was still in Andy's room on the matteress on the floor.  Remembering the night before she gazed over to where Andy had been lying.

He wasn't there.

"Andy?" she looked around again. He was nowhere she could see. She began to panic, it wasn't like him to leave her on her own; he knew she paniked. "Andy?!" she called a little louder. Still no reply.

She threw back her duvet and climbed to her feet. "Andy?" she cautiously walked into the hallway. It was empty. Venturing down the hall she found no one. Not Andy or his Mother.

The air suddenly became very sharp and ice cold. It made goosebumps appear on her bare legs. Now she wished she had asked to borrow Andy sweat pants instead of his shorts. She pulled his baggy t-shirt tighter around her. 

A lound noise came from outside. Nina ran out the front door the the road outside Andy's house.

A bright  metallic blue ford sped down the road.  The woman driving looked so familiar. Her deep blue eyes and dyed black curls seemed so much like...

The blue ford collided with another car sending the women flying from the drivers seat as her seatbelt failed to keep in the seat. She smashed through the ford's windscreen covering her in shards of glass and ripping her flesh. 

Nina let out a heart tearing scream. "Mother!"

The End

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