Together They Fly

Once written for a girl that no longer communicates with me. But it's worth the memories.

       She sits alone by the oceans water, it's beauty capturing her eye and binding her in place. The sun begins to lay itself to sleep below the horizon as it casts a fiery orange glow across the waters surface. Her small brown wings shift softly while the cool ocean breeze blows through her hair, and the feathers of her wings.

       He lies alone in the meadow on a blanket of cool damp grass with only the little creatures to converse with.  The powerful sun plays Hide N' Seek with the moon as the sky turns to twilight, crickets sing their songs of joy calling the stars to come out and play. He sits up and gazes across the meadow and listens to the sounds of the ocean not far away. The wind blows gently across the tips of the grass and is caught within the feathers of his majestic wings, as black as night yet as beautiful as dawn. As if hearing a faint calling of his name he spreads his wings and leaps into the now purple sky, above and beyond the pinkish orange clouds.

   She brushes a strand of her dirty blond hair out of her eyes and lets out a small quiet sigh, she daydreams of him still, she has ever since she realized that she liked him. The sound of something slightly disturbing the white sand behind her catches her attention, she stands and turns to face the sound. Standing before her is a young male who has the wings of an angel, as mysterious as the night sky yet as beautiful as the calming ocean. A smile spreads across his face as she dashes into his arms, burying her face into his bare chest, she closes her eyes and whispers,
"I've missed you..."
He runs his fingers of his right hand through her hair as he speaks,
"As have much more than you know."
His massive black wings wrap around the two of them and brush against her small brown wings, protecting her from the outside world.

    They stand together on the beach, the moon reflecting it's majesty off of the white sand beneath their feet. He strokes her soft hair and speaks softly,
"I won't be leaving anytime soon. I'm here to stay for awhile"
 Her smile broadens and she snuggles up against his chest
"I was hoping you'd say that"
He looks up at the night sky and asks playfully,
"Will you fly with me tonight? Just you and me in the company of the beautiful stars?"
She looks up and gazes into his deep green eyes with hers,
"Of course"
She takes his outstretched hand and together they leap into the night sky, high and above the puffy white clouds and together they soar with only the stars and moon to share their joy...

The End

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