Together in our kingdom

this is set on my favorite beach, the place or setting for my writing plays a rather big role. either a memory such as school with my best friend. or for this, a dream, still and always full of heart. read and enjoy

Standing hand in hand

Upon the dunes

Smooth waves rolling in

Soft sun rays glistening

Illuminating the surf

Side by side

Light breezes guide us as

We walk to seas crest


Cool water drifts pulling us in

As a dolphin surfaces in the far swells

We know we have it right

We know we have our kingdom

Together in our place of peace


I turn to you

Basking in your warm smile

Gazing in your precious eyes

You take my hand

Guiding me through

I feel the soft sand

As we run through the surf

Chilling water rising up

Our shadows dancing on the sea


Pure melodies in a hymn

Harmonizing seas serenading us

Here in this place of ours

You say this will be ours forever


We stand upon the dunes

As we see the sun set

The golden hues painting the seas

Skies glossed in roses

Auburn sands completing the painting

I say may we never change

May we savor this time

May we always have this day


As the sun slowly descends

We promenade along the silvery seas

Crystalssparkle in the moonlight

Illuminating shine glows in our path

Hues of silvery snow as the swells grow

I take your hand

Never wanting you to go

This kingdom is for ever ours

Lightened by your shine


The moon retires as the sun rises

We return rejoicing in the presence of

Our beautiful kingdom

Passionate love swirling in the wind

As we run through our kingdom

Warmer waters dancing in the breeze

Sea birds encircle us in their dance

Dolphins fly inviting us in


We run

Diving in our watery sanctuary

I see you diving through the swells

I swim over joining you


Gliding freely

Hand in hand once more

We take to our watery kingdom

Together we explore the seas

Dancing in the harmonious rhythm

Glittery rays shine over us

As we swim in peace

Towering swells rolling high above

This kingdom will be ours forever

Forever together in our place of peace 

The End

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