Chapter 15-

Chloe entered and slid herself onto the arm of my chair. She had changed into some casual wear: pink jeans and a grey hoodie, but had her floor-length coal cloak draped over one arm.

“So, are you in?” She said, as though she had been listening behind the closed door all the time.

I looked at the two of them; the representatives of that clothing and costume firm, Minerva. I looked beyond their figures; how mysterious everything was for a simple-looking production, so small I had never even heard of it beforehand. I looked to the side of them; they were with me, right? They wanted to get whoever was hurting me just as much as I did. And, if they knew Tydeus well, they could know my husband’s murderer too.

“First,” I said finally, “I want to know the truth. Because how can I trust people who don’t tell me everything?” Chloe opened her mouth to protest, but I silenced her quickly. “Don’t deny it; you won’t even tell me the story behind the names, because, no matter how much you hate each other, it’s a guess of mine that Minerva and Tydeus were created around the same time, even together, possibly.

“There’s something underneath all this that you’re not telling me. Why do you infiltrate each other’s gangs? Why are you so quick to thrust the blame at each other? Why was Mike invited to join Tydeus, when he was obviously not a businessman? Why does your ‘door-lady’ have a weapon for strangers? And why is it that both companies seem to be as wrapped up in the recent murders as I am? You haven’t even told me about ? yet. Chloe, you were so eager to get away, and yet we find each other again. That’s hardly a coincidence.

“So… What is it that I don’t know?”

The End

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