Chapter 14-

“Oy!” Called a voice, as a I head a ‘ping’ sound, followed by the mechanical voice that you get in lifts. Slowly, I let my eyes open. The man was standing a metre away from me, but he had tuned to the source of the shout. I had an idea who it was who had come to save me…

“Oy! Why don’t you pick on someone else for once?” Mike appeared around the corner, brandishing a rifle of his own. But where he got it, I wouldn’t know for, of course, I would have seen if he’d brought it with him, and we both had no bags to store anything we would be carrying.

Realising that he probably was trapped (between Mike with his rifle, and the double-doors and I), the villain looked around and found escape, diving out of the nearest window and below to the pavement.

I stood up slowly, shaking all over, and tiptoed over the shattered glass into Mike’s arms. Carefully, he let his rifle drop and held me for a minute. I had know idea, then, if I was crying, shaking, whimpering or just frozen, eyes wide at what I had witnessed.

“Didn’t I warn you?” Mike said gently, as he released me, and looked towards the double-doors.

He walked to the frame of the ruined mirror and inspected the sight. The bullet had pierced a dull hole through into the wall behind, and the tremor was the only thing to cause to the rest of glass to pour out.

“Mike, please… Let’s get out of here…while we can.”

“He was a good shot, that’s for sure. You had a lucky escape,” observed Mike.

I shivered as I remembered the words of that newspaper, signalling me as a widow to the rest of the world:

It only took one bullet to kill the victim, who died on his way to the hospital.

The realisation was bitter, and the words caught in my throat.

“The murderer was a good shot. Do you suppose that was him?”

“Many people can be good shots with a rifle, but it’s also very likely that we just met Peter’s killer.”

“He tried to shoot me. He’s out to get me…”

Mike put an arm round my shoulder and marched me to the lift. He said nothing but I knew he was being kind.

“Most likely,” said a voice as the lift door slid mechanically open.

The End

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