Chapter 13- Apologies


It had never been so painful.

Once again, there was some kind of anti-climax hovering over my life; there was panic and action, followed by some low of a cold nothingness, and some dreadful depression.

I know I’m right, everything is connected.

I just hoped that Steve hadn’t taken all that we’d said to heart, and wouldn’t be angry with me for ages. He was so twitchy and definitely different from his normal self.

If only I could get inside Minerva or Tydeus; I have a feeling that these companies will have the answer.

Looking out the window, I noticed that the weather had, since the ‘cheery’ spa visit, done its best to mimic my mood. The rain poured ice sheets down and the clouds put on their faces of the darkest grey. The trees, as my cerebellum, were tossed to and fro, and my mind, now having been mimicked, was in despair.

If I were to investigate the companies, I would need an umbrella to compete with the storm…and perhaps even my thick winter coat, though it would be a bright yellow beacon through the city. I’d take the car, of course; I wasn’t going to walk five miles in the sort of weather that was brewing outside, and I didn’t fancy my chances on public transport.

I skipped upstairs, tied my thick hair up and grabbed a pair of dark sunglasses from the drawer nearby; despite the weather outside, I didn’t want to be spotted. I’d hoped that I wouldn’t have to hide myself away for the rest of my life.

Having gathered everything up, I swung the folded umbrella up and round glamorously and prepared to leave the house, when there came a knock at the front door.

Now who wants to bother with me?

Slipping on the sunglasses and bracing the umbrella in front of me, all in case of those dangerous adversaries, I tiptoed to the door and swung it open with surprising force.

The End

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