Chapter 11-

“Okay. Minerva is a high-society company in the city, but we have associates all across the town and countryside too. We are business-minded and we know how to specialise in textiles and are leaders of the business that is fashion. People often look down on us, just because we are run completely by women-”

“An all-woman business? Surely…?” I leant forward.

“Now you’re interrupting,” Chloe reprimanded with a surprised smile, “Minerva has a strong oppressor: Tydeus, an all-male run company. The men there are all technology-knowledgeable but also incredibly sexist. Have you heard of the ancient story of the Roman Goddess Minerva and the Greek warrior Tydeus? Don’t worry if you don’t; it can be told to you another time.

“Basically, the modern-day business, Tydeus doesn’t think that Minerva should have as much ‘gravitas’ as we currently have, all because we are women and ‘socially inferior’.”

“It all sounds awfully…”

“Sexist!” Chloe snarled.

“Well…it’s life…” I muttered, “Why are they killing people then?”

She shrugged.

“They’re not. You just happen to have walked into a devious, scheming group.”

I frowned. What Chloe was saying and what I had previously learnt didn’t match.

“What about that letter Metya gave me?”

Chloe paused suddenly.

“What letter?”

I froze too.

“She gave me a letter, telling me that her life was in danger, and that I too could be put in danger… As I have been now.”

Chloe was gazing at me, dumbfounded.

The End

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