Chapter 10-

The cloaked girl walked to the bed of geraniums and gave a hand to help me up. I could tell that she was, courteously, trying not to laugh, her eyes glittering with immature mirth.

“Look…” I announced to her, brushing off the dressing gown, “I managed to do what you believed I could, ladylike or not.”

The girl covered her mouth and shrugged nonchalantly.

“You used to be very good at sport…apparently. I never doubted that you would be able to make it.”

She glanced around, furtively, and perhaps in a certain way, scared. It was the only time I had seen her act her age: weak and dependant.

“Is there a place we can go, to talk? Like, your house, or something?”

“Yeah…” I scurried forward, “Come on, my car is parked in the car park. That’s around the corner, right?”

The End

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