Chapter 9-

Suddenly the room was full of members of the spa team, tough-looking and armed. I doubted that they were the security team, in fact, even the receptionist was there, brandishing a telephone menacingly.

Yes, they were all armed. It was nothing classed as dangerous; no fire arms, no daggers, no long-swords in scabbards attached to their uniform. No, their ‘instruments of torture’ were hardback books, or plastic chairs, or even bathrobe cords.

“Come one!” The girl roughly grabbed my wrist and headed towards the one of the free exits. A burly security guard stepped between the door to the foyer and us. This was a real security personnel…and was armed.

The cloaked girl whisked herself and me around, ducking and reaching for the other door, no matter where it led. Seeing the tiled sign, she dived for the room of baths.

That all went past me in a blur. The sudden impact of cleansing steam on my face, the smells of essences wafting from the heated bath, and the sounds of bubbles popping out of the jacuzzi…

The girl threw the weight of a cabinet of hot towels against the door to keep it shut, as the staff were already trying to get in. I glimpsed the greed and lust for power in their eyes, and it was petrifying.

“It’s no use…” the girl cried, “Soon they’ll get in.”


But moments later, she had whisked me away again, and before long she had clamped a hand over my mouth and my frantic breathing. It started to settle as I realised that we weren’t running anymore. Then again, I could still hear the lock on the door rattle and, finally, break. I shut my eyes tight as many staff entered the room. That was it…


Slowly, I opened my eyes when I realised that there were no hands clamped around my wrists, other than that of the cloaked girl’s. I let my brain adjust to the new setting we were in; even then, it took me a while to feel the heat at my back, and see the girl with her eye to the crack of the door. I sighed, and, in the slice of light breaking into the cupboard, I saw her raise a finger to her lips.

The End

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