Chapter 6-

Well, it’s not all bad; at least, I can have some peace and quiet to solve the mystery.

Ha! Not likely!

The door-bell ran this time and it was Judith Westwood standing there, smiling politely. It was strange how it was always people who I didn’t really know, but those who had also suffered loses. For Judith, her eldest had been taken a year before, suffering from epileptic fits.

“Mrs. Howard- Belle, how terrible!”

“It’s Bella, actually… And it’s no big panic.”

“Yes, yes,” Judith responded obviously not listening, “I brought a basket of essentials for you. And a teddy-bear my little girl created for you too! Look, isn’t it sweet?”

“Lovely…” I said dryly, distracted by trying to think of ways to get her to leave, “Well, I’m meeting up with someone soon, so I’ll have to start getting ready.”

 Hint, hint.

“Oh, of course. Poor you, this is terrible business, but I suppose you have your own things to distract you.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Westwood.”

I sighed, leaning back on the door once I had closed it after her. It really annoyed me how people were shoving sympathy down my throat without asking whether I wanted any. It seemed as though people didn’t want to know how I felt.

Perhaps they’re just curious gossips.

“Well, I suppose, I’d better go out then,” I said aloud to the room. It seemed to agree with me; the cabinet nodded its wise head, and the lamp flickered a few times, agreeing solemnly with the rest of the faithful, monochrome furniture.

And that was how it began.

The End

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