Chapter 4-

Mrs. Howard,

I don’t believe that your life is in danger, and it would be a mistake for you to think so at this time. You won’t be targeted just because your estranged husband was. But, the life of your husband was taken, and don’t believe that to be an accident. He meddled where he shouldn’t have done, and in doing so will have annoyed the wrong people. I can’t explain now, for my life is far from safe, but I will get an audience with you as soon as it is possible.

If you are reading this is in the safety of your own home, then it is not someone from around my side who has betrayed us.

I’m sorry that’s all I can say. Don’t look for me (you won’t find me under the given name, in any case). My investigation goes on, unfortunately.




‘You won’t find me under the given name.’ The letter I had received was signed ‘Minerva’, but that was not who I was reading from really. And, by the sounds of it, she was not the lady who I had ‘met with’ on the street. Understandably, if this lady’s life was in danger, she wouldn’t be walking the town freely. Anyone reading the letter would be able to tell that she had at least half the sense not to.

And then she was telling me to ignore my own thoughts and acknowledge that Peter was murdered. It was a horrible thought that sent loads of shivers down my spine to crawl like spiders.

But this was the thing that confused me:

She wasn’t telling me to run, she wasn’t telling me to hide and keep my nose out of everything, it was almost as though she was telling me to dig deeper.

To find out who shot my husband.

The End

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