Chapter 3-

I spotted Steven sitting next to a metal table under the painted blue-and-white banner of Café Rush. He beckoned to the girl and I, and I was surprised when she too headed the same way as me.

She stopped two metres away from Steven’s table, beside me, looked to me and laughed again.

“So you know Steve too?”

“I…I…” I blushed, “I’m his mother. Oh, this is weird.”

“You don’t say… I had no idea you were meeting him.”


“Mum, Cass, come sit down,” Steven called from the table, lifting his glass of juice, as though he was toasting us both. Cass looked at me, shrugged to herself and slumped herself down in the seat beside Steve. Unnecessarily close…

“So…” settling down into the chair opposite, I tapped my nails on the metal table. This was awkward.

“Can I get you anything?” I asked Cass. If she was here too, I might as well make her feel welcomed.

“Just a bottle of diet coke, thanks,” she said.

Standing up, I made my way to the counter, making sure to grab a bottle from the refrigerator as I passed it. I watched my son (who now had his arm around the girl) and Cass in the mirror carefully placed on the wall behind the various coffee machines and waffle irons. Cass was snuggling up to Steven and they were chatting leisurely as Peter and I used to. Cass let out one of her lovely loud laughs. Now I was in no doubt that the two were lovers.

Stay calm. Now how should I react?

Composing an amused look on my face (complete with the one-raised-eyebrow look that Steve had grown up with so well), I made my way through the crowded café, with the drinks and a little slice of cake for myself. Reaching the table, I noticed that Steve hadn’t bothered to remove his arm, but Cass had moved away.

Perhaps he already knows.

But, from his glance at me, it was certain that he hadn’t yet realised.

Uh oh. Just get it over and done with, okay.

“So, you two, how long has this been going on?”

It’s fair to say, their surprise and embarrassment was eminent.

The End

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