It Starts Tonight

Tyler walked out through the hole and looked around. It was dark out, and the street was dimly lit. Scanning the street in both directions, he could see nobody, so he decided to have a look around while he waited. He walked along the side road-there were no sidewalks- until he reached an intersection. Judging by a signpost, he concluded that the street he was on was called Marleaux. The street it crossed with was also dark, and it appeared that many of the buildings were boarded up.

As he made his way back toward the building with the hole, Tyler began to hear the sound of laughter coming from the opposite direction. Straining his eyes to make out their form in the dark, he could see the silhouettes of two men walking down the middle of the road. They were both staggering, and from their loud talking and laughter Tyler concluded that both men were drunk. He slowed his pace just a little bit, so that he would reach the hole at the same time as the men.

Just as the two men were going to pass him, Tyler stopped in his tracks. "Uh, excuse me!" The men stopped, looking at him somewhat suspiciously. "I'm not from around here," Tyler started, looking from one man to the other and slowly angling his body toward the hole in the wall, "and I'm trying to find my way to my friend's house."

The two men, as Tyler could now see, were both ruddy with alcohol, and he could smell the cheap liquor on their breath and clothes. They still had a suspicious look on their faces, as if they had not heard a word that Tyler had said.

Tyler stepped closer to the men to explain more clearly his situation, but the men took two steps back, looking afraid. What is with these two? He thought to himself. He stepped forward again, and once again the men shuffled backwards. They were almost in the hole at this point. That was when Tyler looked down and realized that he had forgotten to cover up the pistol holstered on his belt.

Tyler gave a little chuckle, smiling at the two men and raising his hands up in the universal sign for peace. "Oh don't worry, that's just for protection, I wont-" His sentence was interrupted by a pair of hands grabbing one of the two men by the shoulders and pulling him down to the ground in the hole. Tyler heard a short struggle, a muffled yell and a thud, followed by silence.

The second man saw what happened, and had turned to run. Tyler caught up to him quickly and grabbed the back of his collar, his handgun pressed to the man's neck. The man screamed, and Tyler pulled him down to his knees. The man was pleading with him, but Tyler was deaf to his words, fueled by the rush of adrenaline from having another man's life in his hands.

The man continued to plead, kneeling in the middle of the street with Tyler behind him. This is my life now, Tyler thought to himself, this is it. He pulled the trigger.

The End

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