Today plus one

Derrick stopped by the door, snapped his fingers as if he just remembered something.  He shot the same  crooked grin that so puzzled Tyler.  Ty;er had never had a brother, just a sister fifteen years his senior, but he somehow understood in a way he could not understand, that an older brother would grin at him like that.  Tyler watched Derrick step back into the room, reach under a grimy overstuffed chair and pull out a cloth sack.  Tyler saw only the flash of metal as small items disappeared into Derrick's pockets.

"Let's go."  said Derrick with that same grin.  Tyler wondered to himself, "What did he know about me that makes him grin like that?'.  "You say nothing and just follow my lead.  Got it?"

"Yeah, sure."  repled Tyler.  Tyler knew he had nothing to lose.  He would not be here in the first place if he had.  Was that what Derrick understood?

It was pitch black outside the door but Derrick went of like he could see.  Tyler stumbled behind him following by sound alone.  Three turns later, the dim glow of a lantern showed Tyler Derrick's dark form.  Tyler could hear the noise of the street above them.  Once, the rooms the hallways they were moving through had been street level.  Once, maybe 700 years ago.  Derrick stopped to shove a thick sheet of plywood away from a hole.  He squeezed though and Tyler followed.  Tyler saw they were in the well of a basement entrace to what appeared to be an abandoned building.

"This is it."  whispered Derrick.  "You go up on the street and stop the first person who looks like he has any money.  Ask the time, I don't care.  Get his back to this hole.  I take care of the rest."

'This is it.' repeated Tyler to himself.  'No going back.  There is nothing to ge back to.'  Tyler looked at Derrick's face.  He saw that same grin.

"Okay."  said Tyler.


The End

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