I've often heard the saying, today is the frist day of the rest of your life. Imagine acting on that. Tyler is a young twenty something. Tired of the world, despersate to make a change. Desperate to make a differance. Perhaps just desperate. He finds himself staring across the table at another twenty something. A reflection perhaps ? Dark and brooding, a glint of harsh living in his eye. It's frightening what you find in a mirror.

Tyler looked down at the sidearm. A pistol of some kind, he had had never taken much interst in guns.

  "You can't be serious !" It was more of a plea than a question. "I'm no revolutionairy, this isn't about." He flew backwards, spittle flew from his mouth his eyes wide from shock.

  "I can see that." Derrick (at least that is what he called himself) leaned over Tyler. He wasn't a particularly vicious looking man, twenty something with a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee. "That's the problem isn't it." Tyler struggled to his feet, a fire in his eyes. "You can't change anything untill you make a change."

  "I will knock your head in mate !" Tyler kicked the chair away then stepped forward his left fist clenching a bacll of Derrick's flannel shirt, his right raised threateningly.

  "You're all talk mate, all hot air and bluster." A sickening thud followed by a crash left Derrick sprawled on the floor a smile on his face. Tyler stood abover him, ready to strike again. "Welcome aboard soldier." Derrick struggled to his feet, his bloodied grin sporting a brightening bruise. Tyler was speachless. "Where not here to talk about change. In this room, we need to take action. Once outside this room, I need to know you can do. " Tyler looked a little puzzled. "Shut up or put up mate. " Derrick's grin widened. "My name is Derrick. You and me are gonna be great mates." Tyler seemed a little unsure, his brow creased.

  "Ok, so I get it. Still, I don't really know." Tyler paused for a moment, Derrick walked to the chair, righted it and sat quietly. "Why you ?"

  "You mean why you right." It wasn't a question. Derrick pulled some tobacco from his jeans. "It's not really a choice. Not your choice or mine anyway. We got together, decided I needed a partner. Here I am, and you turn up. Providence perhaps. I'm not into all that fortunes and fate crap myself but you never know." Rolling quietly Derrick whistled  to himself for a moment. "Or do you mean why me, why some bloke in a flannel rolling ciggy's ?" Tyler bit his lower lip, confusion clear on his face. "Look mate, you come down here looking for the underground. Exepcting what, young french beatnic's wearing barret's shouting viva le resistance and screw the nazzi's ?" Derrick lit the cigarette drawing a first shallow breath. Tyler found a chair and sat.

  "I guess not."

  "What then."

  "I don't know." Tyler rubbed his brow.

  "That's good, better to know nothing and be right than know everything and be wrong. " Derrick continued to smoke, each draw carrying an emphasis. Tyler couldn't figur him out.

  "So, what now ?"

  "Now, we go out." Derrick lept to his feet, his smoke burning out in an ash tray on the table. "Your educations tarts here."

The End

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