"Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception"- Carl Sagan
All of the volcanoes across the world became active due to a mysterious reason. With the threat of eruptions in any second, panic takes over people's minds and change their way of action. (book name) is an intriguing novel about people living in a time of danger. It tells the story of Jennifer that was left behind and how survival is crucial in this new world.

December 27


 I never thought I would start writing in a diary, but after all that has happened, it seems like the sensible thing to do. If someone finds it one day, I want them to know my story, and what has happened to me, and the rest of the world. This diary lets me hold onto that last string of hope, and what I’m hoping for is someone to know what happened to me, anyone.

 It was only a few days ago, when the volcanos began to become active, or even were erupting, but after that, everything started happening very fast. I was at my parents house when I first heard about the volcanoes, and we weren't worried at all. It went on for a little while, on the news, we still were not worried. It wasn’t until people started dying that we got worried, tons of people.

Then came the packing. People started packing up their homes, and started leaving things they thought they didn't need, behind. Everyone was traveling to where there were no volcanos. My family packed to, I wasn’t supposed to be left behind, but I was. That’s just the way it works out sometimes.

  • Jenn

December 29


 Due to the overwhelming amount of people moving to areas without volcanoes, governments have started to prevent people from entering certain areas.  It’s been awhile since I have seen anyone. I just don’t know where to go, or what to do. I would go to find my family, but I don’t know where they are and they aren’t picking up the phone. I don’t know where anyone is. I barely even know where I am. I know there are other people out there that gets left behind but where are they?


  • Jenn

January 1


I realized that today is the new year. And I guess for my gift I was able to find and meet a group of people in the same situation as me. It’s a small but friendly group. I’m not even sure if I can trust them, but what other choice do i have?

  • Jenn

January 3


I’ve spend about the past 3 days with this group of people. There is Greg, who is about my age, he seems okay. Then there is Sophia, she is a few years younger than me, and is sort of shy. Also there’s Andrew, he is the oldest out of us all, and definitely the smartest. Lastly there is Abby. She is like the leader of the group, and she is kind of rude, I don’t understand why we all listen to her. Especially Andrew, I think he should be the leader.

  • Jenn


January 5


I live on Heard Island and McDonald Island, which is where I am right now. Finding supplies to survive is easy. All of the stores were still there. Most of the stores were locked up, but we broke into for resources. I expected the group to just sit around waiting for help, but they did the opposite. Everyday wasn’t just surviving for them, it is surviving with each other. They treat each other like family. All of us were trying to find a way back to civilization, where the other humans are.

  • Jenn

January 7


We tried to find a way off of the island by boat but all of the boat were taken by others off of the island before us. We also tried to contact others for help but no one is willing with the threats of eruption from supervolcano. All we can do is rely on ourselves to leave the island which has an active volcano, Big Ben.


  • Jenn


January 10


We have access to TV which allows us to keep up with things going on in the other part of the world but that is just about all we have. Many volcanoes erupted in the past 3 days like Mount Fuji and Mount St. Helens. There are also information going around about supervolcano like the chance of  Whakamaru eruption.

  • Jenn

January 13


We knew today’s news before we even turned on the television. It happened around 5 A.M. this morning. At first the sky slowly turned gray then it slowly became pitch black when the sun was supposed to be out. We had an idea of what it was but we didn’t know for sure until we turned on the news. The news casters seemed eager to reveal the terrible news. They stated that the Super Volcano in Lake Toba has erupted. All of us seemed to have been able to keep calm, somehow.


  • Jenn


January 17


After a few days, everything slowly started freezing and dying under the black sky. People are panicking, but this time there is no escape. We gave up going back to humanity after the eruption of Lake Toba. We just tried to survive as long as long as we could. I guess this diary will tell my story if it ever survives. But the hopes of us surviving dies as the living things around the world withers.


  • Jenn
The End

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