To You Wonderful People

This is, in a way, in response to DamienLeniart's 'For The Literary Geeks'
I don't know what I'm doing writing this. Entirely on an impulse.

The moment I clicked the 'create account' button was my unmaking
For thence I entered an entire new world
I entered this world of poetry, prose and spoken word
I entered this world of lyric and song, love and life
And from there, could I even look back?

I made new friends, who were real and true
I found brilliant writers-oh dear me, how they crafted other worlds.
I wrote and I wrote, I loved every moment,
This place let me live, thrive, it gave me what I love.

I met people like cassandramorrow, who is so inspirational that she is an angel in my mind and in my world.

I met people like sevenwaystosunday, whose friendship was real, whose love was special, and whose words left me in awe, every single time.

I met people like DamienLeniart, who always told me to go on, who lit a lamp when my writing felt the darkest.

I met people like ElzuWolfe, whose works I always went to when I found myself lacking inspiration, for his beautiful words struck me, no matter how many times I read them.

I met people like LesovikkDroa, fun-loving and enjoyable, and who I always felt at ease talking to- even writing with- even though I had just met him a week back.

I met people like GardeniasCastle and BUTTERFLYKISSES, whom I always admired from afar for their writing, which is phenomenal and unique.

I met people like faucer, Jezabel, frostythelindo and sycamore, whose works I have hardly read, yet our sweet conversations always put a smile on my face.

I met such remarkable people and so many more, so many that I cannot list them all, and it left me wondering- can anything be quite so amazing?
Can there really be so much of goodness all packed in one place? The people around me believe that I am being misled, and I wonder;
Is it all a farce, a wild dream- for as I know, life will always take you up to the highest point and then make you fall-

Can it really be true?

The End

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