Three is companyMature

                It seems I’ll have to postpone telling you what happened after that. Last night everything was SNAFU. The house Tom and I had been staying in attracted a crowd. At first it was only a couple of strays stumbling about in the street. We didn’t think much of it. Then when Tom pulled back the curtain just enough to peek out I heard him curse. When I looked I did too. There had to have been at least thirty directly in front of the house.  As much as we both hated travelling at night, we agreed we couldn’t leave this until morning.

As quickly and quietly as we could we gathered up our stuff. Tom and I each carried a bag packed to the brim along with my twelve gauge, my atlatl, his hunting rifle, 9mm and our assorted knives. Knives don’t need reloading. We had chosen this house because its second floor was easy to get to from the fenced back yard. I climbed out the window and Tom passed me our gear. I could hear them in the street shuffling about. Then they started moaning. Something was getting them excited. Tom jumped as thumps echoed from downstairs. A window smashed. Tom froze for a moment. More thumping and dull thuds. Tom mouthed for me not to move.  Then we heard them making their way clumsily up the stairs. My hands were shaking as I held them out for Toms’ bag. There must have been at least forty in the house now. The glass doors on the patio shattered directly below me. They were right outside the bedroom door, shuffling around confused as to where their quarry had gone.

I motioned for Tom to climb out but he shook his head profusely and held up one finger.  I looked over my shoulder into the yard. A few had found their way through the smashed doors. They too stood about aimlessly confused. There was one in a rain coat standing in the center of the yard. The bright yellow of the coat seemed out of place among the dirty rags that covered the other corpses now gathered around it. Then the corpse turned and faced the house, his gaze slowly rose upward until it locked on me. Like all the others he reached out at me. Then he did something I’d never seen before, he pointed. His jaw lowered and I almost shit myself.

                When he screamed three things happened; all the dead heads in the yard turned to face me and added their voices to the chorus, Tom threw his bag out the window, almost knocking me off the roof and most importantly, the ones in the hall almost knocked the cheap bedroom door off its hinges with the first couple of blows. It was at this point that both of us started chanting shit over and over.
I yelled at Tom to jump and he looked at me like I was nuts until I pointed to the end of the roof and into the neighbor’s yard. I didn’t wait for him to clue in before I ran to the edge and tossed my gear. I backed up then flung myself as far as I could. I landed hard and rolled. Looking around I grabbed my twelve and motioned for Tom to jump. He tossed his bag down then backed up. I heard an extra loud Shit from him right before he jumped off the edge. One of them followed and fell short. His open mouth landed on the top of the wooden fence making a sickening but hilarious crunch. I would have laughed had there not been more coming from the side of the house and the fact that Tom wasn’t up yet. I leveled the gun firmly against my shoulder and fired at the closest one. Half its’ head disappeared along with the forehead of the one behind. Tom called double kill from my side. We grabbed our stuff and took off into the night.

Travelling at night is something I never want to do again. Every sound makes you jump. Every shadow makes you flinch. We managed to cut through a park and avoid another mob. I didn’t stop shaking until we made it into another house and barricaded the stairwell. I took first watch.

The End

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