Next Night's dream

A dark barren landscape stood before the cloaked figure. The sky was a dark purple, from the sunset mixing with the smoggy air. It was plain to see that no life could be sustained here, and no life there was. Issac reached began to walk towards it.

The figure took one step then lifted into the air. The wind blew down the cloak, and reavealed themself as Izzie, her eye sockets were empty.

She tilted her head and made a motion with her hand. The ground cracked and began to split apart, knocking Issac to the ground.

"Are you ready to take the plunge?" Izzie asked as she crossed her arms over her chest and fell into the opening in the earth.

Issac tried to scream, but no sound came out. He stumbled to the crack and jumped in after her.

"Issac!" He could hear Izzie scream, even though she was at least 100 feet in front of him. "When you wake up, you must leave, if you don't you may die."

Issac cringed as he was tossed back and forth aross the unforving rock of the earth. He saw a red light towards the bottom of the crust. He locked his eyes on it and braced himself.

He woke up to the sound of an alarm going off, and red lights flashing all around

"She collapsed!" He heard some one scream "Hurry we can't let her die, she is crucial to our plans!"

Issac sat up and looked over the the other side of the room. Nyla was laying on the ground, shaking. Men rushed from every direction trying to get at her, but something was blocking them.

Focusing on her face, Issac looked for a sign that she was faking it or, if she actually was dying. For a slit second she opened her eyes, and winked.

Issac knew it was time. He ran out the open doors and headed out for Izzie.

The End

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